The Blushing Bride: Natural, Radiant Cheek Colours

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Tying the knot. It’s the day when friends and family come together as one to wish you the best for your new life. It’s the day you get to do and be exactly who you are around the ones you love. It’s the day you ought to be just you, and your wedding makeup should mimic that. The right blusher can make all the difference, adding life to your face and giving you a youthful appearance. The perfect colour for you shouldn’t be overbearing, and will bring out your natural flush, the one you get after a fit of laughter, or a light jog. Key tip: add your blusher right after your foundation. You may find you don’t need as much eye makeup or lip colour once you’ve added blusher to your cheeks. Here’s a list of the best colours for your skintone, and where to apply them.

Remember, if you are getting professional photos taken, be sure to ask the photographer if they will be using a flash, and if so, how heavy. A bright light works wonders for giving you a flawless face, but can also wash you out. Add a little more blusher to your cheeks directly before photos are taken to be sure you have a nice flush to your cheeks.

Lighter Skin Tones

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Soft Pink

A delicate hint of pink is probably the most traditional blush colour for a bride, and for good reason! This timeless classic is beautiful and youthful, and combined with a subtle highlighter, achieves a natural, glowing finish. Try Rimmel’s Stay Blushed Cheek Tint in “Cherry Blush”. Add a tiny amount to the center of cheeks and blend outwards with fingers for a natural colour-from-within flush. It’s ultra light-weight and lasts up to 24 hours.

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Light Coral

Coral looks amazing on all skin types, which is why you can’t go wrong choosing it for your special day. Wear it with a lipcolour just a tad brighter than your natural lips to pull the look together. Try Daniel Sandler’s Liquid Blush in “Gentle”. It’s silicon-based and oil-free, so it won’t clog pores, keeping your face clear for any Honeymoon plans, and the silicone makes it almost completely kiss-proof and water-resistant. What’s more, it contains vitamin e and jojoba oil, which act to nourish skin. Use a foundation brush to lightly dab it onto the center of cheeks and blend outwards.

bride with peach cheeks


A wash of peach brings out any freckles you may want to highlight, and looks amazing on women with a reddy tinge to their hair, such as strawberry blondes, warm reds, and chestnut browns. The aptly named “Peaches” by MAC is a beautiful, playful colour that is buildable, and natural enough to be used along the hairline and nose for a natural wash of colour.

Medium Skin Tones

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Rich Pink

A golden skin tone means brighter and deeper colours look perfect on your cheeks. Rather than using a baby pink, which will wash you out, a more vivid rose belongs on your skin. because the colours are stronger, add a little at a time and build it up. Burberry’s Runway Blush Highlighter Palette in “Rain or Shine” is absolutely adorable, and gives colour and radiance in one sweep.

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This colour is often overlooked for brighter, warmer colours, but it is underestimated in its power to transform. This berry-tinged, dusty colour gives an effortless, yet striking tint to the face. Youngblood’s luminous Creme Blush in “Plum Satin” is perfect because it is oil-free, long lasting, and gives skin a shimmering glow.

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Deep Peach

Olive skin is the perfect canvas for a pop of bright orange. Add a small amount at first and blend into the apples of the cheeks, adding more colour as needed, for a polished look.Try Laura Mercier’s Creme Cheek Colour in “Blaze”.

Darker Skin Tones

bride with tangerine cheeks


This gorgeous colour looks immaculate on darker skin tones, and a creamy product means a dewy colour pay-off without any powdery residue. Make Up For Ever’s Second Skin Cream Blush in “Tangerine” melts into the skin and blends flawlessly.

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A punch of pink adds petal-soft colour to any bridal look. If you’re wearing silver jewelry, make sure your pink has a blue undertone. If you are more suited to gold, use a pink with a warm undertone. If you’re not sure, hold up the two tones on either side of your face in natural light. The one that makes your skin and eyes pop is the one for you! Try Yves Saint Laurent Blush Volupe in “Heart of Light”. It has two colours: a dark fuchsia on the outside, and a lighter colour on the inside. Apply the darker colour first, and add the lighter colour as a highlight.

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Warm Brown

This shade is absolutely beautiful, giving skin just a hint of colour and lift without going overboard. A warm shade means you can get away with brighter lipstick, keeping within the natural tones, such as reddy browns, oranges, beiges, and reds. “Taj Mahal” by Nars is a gorgeous orangey-brown with golden shimmer, perfect for an earthy glow.