The Endless Skin Benefits of Dry Body Brushing

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We spend so much time perfecting our morning beauty routine that it’s easy to forget just how important it is to keep the skin on the rest of our body smooth, refined and well nourished. Dry body brushing can add an extra boost to your daily routine and the benefits are endless.

Using the Elemis Dry Skin Brush, gently sweep the bristles all over your body in circular motions, making sure to avoid any areas of delicate or broken skin. Doing this first thing in the morning for just a few minutes can help to eliminate clogged pores, stimulate cell renewal and remove any dead skin cells allowing your moisturizer to seep further into the skin. The result - brighter, firmer and smoother looking skin with the added bonus of diminishing those dreaded ingrown hairs.

It certainly doesn’t stop there. This circular sweeping motion works in part to increase blood circulation and reduce muscle tension so it's no wonder skincare professionals and beauty fanatics alike swear by it. Plus, using a body brush temporarily plumps up the skin and removes any sign of stubborn cellulite. Temporary or not we’d take this any day!

Bottom line- if you think your skin is lacking that extra bit of TLC then try adding this simple yet effective step to your daily routine and relish in all the incredible benefits. If you’re still not convinced, try Hydrea London’s body brush with fibre bristles to revitalise dull skin without making a dent in your bank balance. Or, if you’re already feeling pushed for time in the morning, invest in the amazing Mio Body Brush which promises to massage and exfoliate your skin to perfection in less than 3 minutes. You’ve heard it from us, add dry body brushing to your daily routine and you’ll never look back- if only everything in life was this easy!