The Entirely PAINLESS way to Plump up your Pout

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So, you think the Kim Kardashian was the pioneer of contouring? Correct? WRONG. Contouring has been around for decades and used by a rather famous, not to mention incredibly beautiful actress; Marilyn Monroe ring any bells? Her signature red lip has been seen in many of her films and as it turns out, it was giving a little helping hand in looking so plump. Marilyn Monroe in fact used a lip contouring technique on her famous red pout to increase volume, dimension and shine, and generally make her lips look even more voluptuous.

With an influx of celebrities turning to the needle in order to get the pout of their dreams (we’re looking at you Kylie) we set out to find a pain free way to increase your pout volume, without going under the knife.

Marilyn was said to use a darker reds on the outer corners of the mouth, lighter shades in the middle to create dimension and then a highlighter on the cupid's bow and bottom lip to increase volume. Not to mention, I’m a huge wimp so this was mostly personal research as there was no way I was touching a needle, but if lip contouring is good enough for Marilyn Monroe then I'm definitely willing to give it a go, and here’s how we did it:

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1) Lip Liner Exfoliate your lips thoroughly to remove any flakes, try Fresh Sugar Lip polish £25.00 and then line lips with a dark colour lip pencil. As bizarre and downright 90’s as it sounds, I like to use a dark chocolaty colour to give the illusion of a fuller pout (trust us this works!). Becca Liner Plump and Define £18.97 is a great multi purpose liner that has two colour options and the dark biscotti colour is ideal for defining and contouring.

2) Base Colour Choose a deep red base colour and fill in your lips all over with a lip pencil such as Illamasqua Lip Colouring Pencil Creative £16.00

3) Blend Now comes the fun part. Take your brightest red; try Dior Rouge Couture Colour Voluptous Care Rouge Cannage £26.00, for the creamiest pop of colour. Be careful not to lose the outline of your lips, but use this step to make sure everything is blended in and there are no harsh lines.

4)Highlight Blot your lips and then dot and blend a cream highlighter such as Benefit High Beam £19.50 into the very centre of your bottom lip. This catches the light and makes lips look fuller al la Monroe.

5) Moisturise With all these layers of lipstick on you need to up the moisture levels to counteract. Slick on lip gloss like the Yves Saint Laurent Gloss Volupte £26.50 to add fullness and shine. Tada! You should have lips that are fuller, shinier, and decidedly more pouty. By using layers in various colour depths and formulas you have built upon your natural lip shape and added subtle volume the pain free way.

So there you have 5 steps to the perfect plump pout, with not a needle in sight.

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