The Festival Beauty Products That Are Handier Than Wellies At Glastonbury!

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The festival season is nigh! Soon everyone who’s everyone will be donning a pair of hunter boots, Levis cut offs and packing their tent ready for a few days of camping/glamping god times. However, even though you may be sleeping rough there’s no need to look like it with our roundup of gorgeous, multi purpose, purse friendly beauty products. To help give you a bit of a sparkle even if you haven’t seen a shower in a fair few days. So besides the obvious wellies, pac a mac and a few cans of scrumpies finest, make sure you save some space for these essential beauty rounds ups. As a seasoned festival pro, I’ve managed to whittle down the essentials to these handy few. Make sure you’ve got space to squeeze them into your rucksack, for festival selfies you can be proud of!

Anna Sui Lipstick Glitter Silver £20.75 this iridescent lipstick is the perfect way to add a festival dimension to you look. Ware alone for an iridescent shine or layer on top of a colour such as Lipstick Queen Hello Sailor Lipstick £22.00 for an out there look. Because if you can’t wear playful makeup at a festival when can you!

If just looking at a tent leaves you hair static and frizzy then make sure you pack Fudge Dry Conditioner £6.50 it won’t leave hai greasy, but will cleanse, refresh and leave hair smooth and frizz free.

If you do find some running water or resort to fashioning a shower out of a leaky water bottle then pack a bottle of Dr Bronner's Magic Soap 18-1 hemp peppermint this zingy soap can be used for anything from washing your body and hair, to brushing your teeth and cleaning your clothes. Made with a moisturising blend of essential oils it will have you feeling clean as a whistle top to toe, even after facing festival showers. If facing the festival showers isn’t an option then make sure you stash Yes to Coconut Cleansing Wipes £3.99 in your bag. These all in one wipes cleanse and moisturise from head to toe and can be used on your face, body, neck and hands. Unlike some cleansing wipes these are entirely safe to use at they are 96% natural and paraben and cruelty free.

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If 3 days of tent living, sunburn, potential hayfever and let’s face it, one too many hangovers leaves you looking puffy and prone to blemishes then pack a bottle of Healgel Intensive £37.50 this tiny bottle is worth it’s weight in gold. It reduce puffiness and discolouration whilst soothing irritations and reducing sensitivity. Making you look like you’ve slept in a luxury hotel rather than a soggy tent.

If you start to smell a little less than fresh (let’s face it, it happens to everyone) Byredo Flowerhead Roll on perfume £44.50 is tiny enough that it won’t weight your bad down, but it smells gorgeous enough to mask any festival related scent...pop it into your bum bag to refresh on the go. (or hold it up to your nose in the portaloo and never dread going in again).

Give your skin post festival with our range of soothing masks, ideal to perk you back up in no time.

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