The Brands You Need To Be Wearing For Paris Fashion Week

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It’s coming up to that very exciting time of year when Fashion week takes place in the beautiful city of Paris. As well as street style trends and all the latest emerging haute couture brands, we will be exploring the hottest new looks of 2018!

If you are going to be part of this star studded and cutting edge event, you will need to be bringing your A - Game with with bold and effective statement looks.

Here are some of my ultimate French branded products that not only represent the Parisian location, but will also have you looking and feeling like you are ready to make your mark at Paris Fashion Week!

La Mer

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As well as making sure I moisturise my skin well, I’m also a huge believer in infusing my skin with as much extra hydration as possible. La Mer’s The Treatment Lotion, £105 is especially brilliant to apply after a face mask or as a sleeping treatment. I find that when my skin is completely moisturised it looks smoother and less wrinkly which helps me to look more youthful. Obviously there are a lot of other creams on the market to specifically target ageing but I've found along the way that applying some extra hydration from facial oils and serums can really help to make a big a difference to your skin's texture and overall appearance.


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Chanel’s Soleil Tan De Universel Bronzing Makeup Base Bronze, £36 is one of my all time favourite cream based bronzers when it comes to giving a depth to my makeup looks. It gives a really warm golden appearance to my skin hence the tan effect. I like to apply this by using a dense foundation brush buffing into the hollows of my cheeks, the perimeter of my forehead and jawline to softly contour, then adding a powder bronzer over these areas to set and deepen the colour.

Laura Mercier

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A hardworking foundation is a staple favourite in most makeup artist kits during Paris Fashion Week. Laura Mercier's Silk Creme Photo Edition Foundaiton, £35 is a winner for most skin types. This oil free hydrating formula guides on seamlessly and its easily build able to the level of coverage you want. I like to apply with a beauty blender for a flawless base and set the product in with a translucent powder in areas needed to really keep that luminous glow.


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Being one of YSL’s best sellers it’s easy to see why Touche Eclat, £25.50 has been in demand for such a long time. I use it to highlight and brighten certain areas to enforce a fresh and awakened look to my face. I first started using this many years ago and have always kept it on standby in my makeup bag as there are so many other great concealing and highlighting products on the market now, but what I especially love about this is the lightweight textured formula that is so creamy and easy to blend, without any unnecessary heaviness.


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I’ve been loving Dior's eyeshadow palettes recently particularly in shade 157, £45 Magnify Undress, which is so pigmented and glides on so beautifully whilst also being super easy to blend. You can really build up a soft smokey eye with the deeper bronze shades and highlight the mid to inner corners with the more neutral lighter shades to achieve that fanned out effect. This palette works well with most lip colours too from pink toned nudes to vibrant reds and berrys shades giving that overall glamorous red carpet look.


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I tried Lancome’s Custom Drops Liquid Highlighter, £26 recently and have to say they really nailed this formula. Liquid highlighters can be difficult to blend and if you’re not comfortable with working the product in seamlessly it can really show. The silky texture to these are very easy to blend with your fingers and even easier and quicker with a beauty blender. I like shades such as Champagne Glow for that beautiful pearly sheen, and Golden Glow for when you are super tanned and want to enhance your sun kissed skin.


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I’m a big lover of the L'oreal Color Riche range and really appreciate the creamy hydrating texture to these lipsticks even though they are designed to create a matte finish. My favourite shade is Moka Chic, £6.99 the perfect pink toned nude which is always rocked well with a dark smokey eye. Rouge Stiletto is another great shade in the form of a bold and vibrant red which works really well on most skin tones.