The Hair Care Brand That ISN’T Tested on Animals

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how to get rid of split ends

115 million animals are used in experiments worldwide each year, a figure which is bound to shock many of you. During these experiments, animals are burned, poisoned and abused on a daily basis. Finding hair care that’s not been tested on animals is actually becoming easier as more brands are answering the ‘how to get rid of split ends without using products that harm little bunnies’ question we’re all asking.

Split ends are one of those hangups that every woman will experience at least once in their life. From overexposure to heat (straighteners, curlers and blowdrys) to dryness caused by the change in weather, split ends can be an absolute pain. Split ends occur when the outer layer of the hair is worn away due to outside stresses (heat, chemicals) and exposes the internal structure. This becomes weakened, damaged and dehydrated, causing the splitting on the hair.

How do I get rid of split ends, you ask? Bardou have the answer. This range of products are specially designed using breakthrough technology, are jam-packed with nutrients and promise to recreate that salon-styled feeling every time. They not only keep your hair locked full of moisture, reducing the chance of having split ends, but they also don’t test on animals! Yay, the bunnies are safe!

Taming those fly-aways and repairing the hair to its natural form is top priority for Bardou. They’ve answered your how to get rid of split ends question with the best of answers - a trio of products specially formulated to repair broken and damaged hair. SLS-free and enriched with a super-protein keratin formula, Repair Shampoo and Conditioner Nourishing and Anti-Frizz Solution and Texture Mist Salt Texturising Hair Spray protects against UV and heat damage, leaving hair feeling revitalised and protect against split ends [Read More: The Secret to Perfect Hair is Not What you Think].

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