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Daughter of the Soil has recently joined My Beauty Matches and we’re really excited to have them on board as a great addition to our range of premium natural skincare brands. Suitable for all skin types, DOTS represents a new generation of natural products powered by superfoods for the skin.

We’ve caught up with the Founder and CEO of Daughter of the Soil, Maria Magembe and Hellen Lawuo-Meena, Executive Director of Connect the DOTS to find out more about the premium African-heritage brand and how the brand was born.

Good quality natural skincare is at high demand at present. Brands with specialist ingredients offer a range of benefits to various skin types and promising to fix a variety of skin concerns. DOTS ensures that their products are completely 100% natural as "there are many benefits associated with using all natural skincare products, from improving the health of your skin to contributing to a safer environment. With high quality, effective natural or naturally-derived skincare alternatives available today, going fully natural was an easy decision for us to make when we were creating our products. Our commitment to using 100% natural and naturally-derived ingredients means we stay true to our natural beauty principles of delivering healthy, uncomplicated skincare. We avoid pointless filler ingredients that nullify or counteract the benefits that these miracle oils bring”

How Did Daughter Of The Soil Come About?

MARIA : The inspiration for creating Daughter of the Soil came from great-grandmother Onyang, who believed in the benefits of nature. She believed that natural was best – a philosophy that we continue to incorporate within Daughter of the Soil.

Despite being widowed at a very young age, Onyang was a focused, enterprising woman who created and sold shea-based products within her community for the treatment of dry skin conditions and beauty care. I love the fact that she used ingredients from her back garden and worked with the environment that she was in to make amazing skincare products. My dream is to continue her legacy of nurturing natural beauty and use our brand to showcase African botanical oils to the world, so that they too can benefit from Africa’s treasures. This underpins what our formulations are all about: ‘hero-ing’ African botanical oils obtained from sustainable sources and chosen for their nutrient-rich properties. It was Onyang’s gift of working with and nurturing nature that made her a daughter of the soil.

HELLEN: I’ve known Maria for a number of years and it was really exciting to be part of a project where we could have complimentary skill-sets that would really help us to bring the product to market. We’ve worked really well together on a number of different things, including brand awareness, building our social strategy as well as more commercial aspects of the journey.

I’ve always wanted to work within a development framework and so our brand purpose, ‘Connect the DOTS’ is something that I feel extremely excited and passionate about delivering. We are on a mission to make a real difference to the lives and future of marginalised women farmers across Africa, providing them with the knowledge, skills and tools as well as creating markets to sell their produce so that they can achieve a sustainable income. Agriculture is at the core of economic transformation in Africa and as a key driver of growth it offers the greatest potential for poverty and inequality reduction.

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How Do You Decide Which Ingredients To Put Into Each Product?

MARIA : Our unique ingredient blends have been inspired by Onyang. I have used these time-tested ingredients in our formulas to respond to the skincare needs of women, men and children of today. Although we blend our products in the UK, we source different botanical oils from across Africa and use them as the ‘hero’ ingredient in our products. Each oil contains a unique profile of essential fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. This drives the functional benefits within our products, relieving dry skin conditions, supporting skin regeneration and naturally targeting loss of elasticity and signs of ageing. Our products are suitable for all skin types.

Our products are free from all harsh synthetic chemicals that typically cause skin irritation or have toxic effects when absorbed via the skin.

How Did You Come Up With The Packaging? We Love It!

MARIA : We wanted our packaging to stand out from the competition as well as represent the different facets of our brand identity.

For the logo, the circle represents a DOT (the abbreviation of Daughter of the Soil), the design within this circle is a moringa leaf that represents the African botanical ingredients and the line underneath represents the ‘soil’ as the brand wholeheartedly embrace the goodness that comes from the soil.

Even the colour choice for the packaging represents different aspects of the brand. The clean, white packaging represents the purity of the ingredients which are soft and kind to the skin. The copper of the logo represents the richness of the soil. “Soil in Uganda (my native country) is reddish brown and is very fertile". Wanting to set themselves apart from other African brands that are typically very colourful, they included African tribal print in charcoal and white to be in-fitting with the ‘stripped back’ look and feel.

What Skincare Secrets Can You Spill To Women Looking For Perfect Skin?

MARIA : The secret to maintaining beautiful and healthy skin is to keep it properly moisturised. Oils offer great nourishing and moisturising properties, absorbing deep into the skin, softening and soothing and helping to keep it supple and moist.

Beauty oils have become popular over the last few decades in the West, but botanical oils have been used in Africa for centuries to nourish, moisturise and protect the skin.

Why Should People Buy Daughter Of The Soil Products?

MARIA : Our products are made in the UK, blended with nutrient-rich botanical oils sourced from Across Africa to deliver healthier skin. We ensure an uncompromising commitment to the goodness, quality and luxurious experience of the end product. The textures of all of our products are truly amazing and they smell really good too and are effective! We have great feedback from our customers. Our best seller is our ONYANG Collection Shea Body Butter in White Mulberry. It is extremely rich and has a gorgeous silky texture that instantly melts into the skin. Powered by the rarer East African Nilotica Shea Butter variety, a miracle oil known for centuries for its unrivalled moisturising properties. Nilotica Shea is even more luxurious in its texture and boasts a more impressive composition than conventional shea butter.

HELLEN : Daughter of the Soil recognises that goodness originates from the soil. Our name is fitting for a brand that wholeheartedly embraces this principle. When one “connects the DOTS”, Daughter of the Soil completes a circle: it showcases some of Africa’s most unique and treasured ingredients so that women can look supremely beautiful on the outside – and it helps us to support the communities who give those treasures to us, so that we can harness their power and beauty from the inside too, and give something back. Our brand focuses on skincare with a purpose. Through our Connect the DOTS programme we will develop specific markets for female farmers in Africa and empower marginalized women through training and leadership.

What’s Your Favourite Skincare Brand, Other Than DOTS?

MARIA : It would have to be Tata Harper which is a 100% natural and nontoxic skincare and cosmetic brand. Their products feel good and they never use synthetic chemicals. We share similar values in being committed to using natural ingredients for skin health and for the results they deliver.

Where Do You See DOTS In 5 Years Time?

HELLEN : A really successful global skincare business. Daughter of the Soil aims to nurture more than just skin and plans to support millions of marginalised women farmers in Africa through the ‘Connect the DOTS’ certified functional training programme. We hope to create a movement of ‘DOTS certified’ farmers across Africa, empowered through vocational training and access to tools.

To get your hands on one of their incredible African-heritage natural skincare products, they offer a range of hand and body creams and washes to choose from to help with a variety of skin issues such as dry skin, sensitive skin, ageing and wrinkles.