We Put 7 Lipsticks To The Test, The Winner Might Surprise You!

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Trust. It’s pretty important. With makeup, it’s on a whole different level. How do I know that this powder will really stop me being shiny? Simple: you don’t know until you try, and that is the risk we beauty-seekers are forced to take. However, in the realm of lipsticks and stains, I bring you my tried and tested experiences with lip colour. A lot of lipsticks claim to be ‘long-lasting’, and yet, after a cup of tea, they seem to leave more of an impression on the mug rather than your lips. So if you are unsure which lippy to bag next, read on. (And please don’t judge me on my wonky lips and spotty chin.)

Revlon £7.99 – Matte Balm: Fiery Flamboyante

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Although the after-picture might suggest otherwise, I loved this lip balm from Revlon. The colour is bold and wearable day and night, and because it is a balm it nourishes your lips at the same time. I wore this from 10am-11pm, which is a very long time. The colour lasted most of the day, but could have done with a top up about 4pm.

Urban Decay £15.50 – Matte Revolution Lipstick: Matte Bad Blood

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For some reason I wasn’t very optimistic about Urban Decay’s lipstick. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the colour was flattering, applied smoothly, and lasted all day, (even after a workout). It did become slightly drying later on in the day, but it was definitely a winner in terms of long-lasting colour.

Benefit £24.50 – Benetint

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My pictures really don’t do Benetint justice. My lips are naturally quite pink anyway, and Benefit’s lip and cheek tint provided me with a nice bit of natural-looking colour. As my after picture shows, the tint does fade throughout the day, but I love the shade of pink it gives and the clean, fun packaging.

Estee Lauder £27.21 – Pure Colour Envy Matte, Sculpting Lipstick: Decisive Poppy

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Estee Lauder’s lipstick really surprised me. As the most expensive lipstick on trial, I was prepared to find fault, but I didn’t. It is a lovely bright shade of red, that lasted most of the day, although it did fade after several cups of tea. It was also very moisturising, and the magnetic lid was an attractive and unexpected feature.

Clinique £18 - Long last soft matte lipstick: Shade 50 (dull pink/’matte beauty’)

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I really liked the subtle pink of Clinique’s lipstick, providing a colour that was slightly lighter than my natural lip. However, after a few hours it was hard to tell that I was even wearing lipstick. It was very pleasant to apply and smelled great, it just didn’t last as long as I had hoped.

Charlotte Tilbury £23 - Matte Revolution – Luminous Modern-Matte Long-Lasting Lipstick: Lost Cherry

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I was a huge fan of the lipstick shape of Charlotte Tilbury’s Matte Revolution Collection. The unique tip was stylish and very attractive. I expected the colour to be more striking when I put it on, but it was actually a lot less brighter than imagined. Unfortunately this faded completely by the end of the day.

MAC £15.50 - Matte Lipstick: Heroine

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I wouldn’t normally wear Purple lipstick, so this was a fun experience. Although the lipstick came off instantly on my mug, the colour did remain for a few hours. However, eventually it began to fade so the outside ring of my lips were purple and the inside was pink… I am a big MAC fan, but perhaps this is a range that requires some extra applications.

For me the winner had to be Estee Lauder £27.21 – Pure Colour Envy Matte, Sculpting Lipstick: Decisive Poppy, I loved the colour and it definitely stood the test of time. Now you've seen what I think, it's time to go out into the beautiful world and find the perfect lippy for you! You can compare prices and colours online at our beauty store. So what are you waiting for? Shop our collection of lipsticks here.