The Luxury Swiss Skincare That’s Fit for Royalty

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Certified ‘Strictly Organic’ in 2012, this niche brand was designed for women who wanted top-of-the-line luxury with the addition of being completely organic and free from synthetic enhancements. These products of pure indulgence will cure any dry skin on your face this winter and ensure optimum anti-ageing performance.

Not cleansing sufficiently, forgetting to moisturise and overloading your face with drying makeup on a daily basis can make the dry skin on your face worse in the colder months. These are the months where your morning and evening skincare routines are most important. Getting your routine right and using the right products is paramount to achieving youthful, nourished skin.

Did you know that Vetia Floris use botanical ingredients sourced from the Alpine mountains? You’ll be amazed how quickly you can rid your face of any dry skin, fine lines and keep your sensitive skin at bay with their Nourishing Day Cream. Amazingly, the macadamia nut, baobab and rose hip oil deeply nourish your skin, plumping it and polishing it to radiant perfection.

Wearing the Conditioning Night Cream, which contains a high concentration of organic bio cultures found in beech tree buds, increases cellular oxygen intake and smoothes the skin, allowing your fine lines and any dry skin on your face to simply melt away over night. Rich in nutrients, oils, texture and results, Vetia Floris’ all natural creams will be your guardian angels this winter.

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