4 Steps To Combating The Effects Of Pollution

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If there’s one skin care snag I’ve become increasingly aware of over the last year, it’s how much the effects of modern day life have the ability to wreak havoc with my complexion.

From the reoccurring reminders to wear a protective shield of UV protection to the constant warnings surrounding environmental free - radical imbalances. The effects of pollution are at an all time high now more than ever before, with record breaking levels in London exceeding previous pollution figures, which led to the capital's highest air pollution alert being issued in January this year.

What can I do to manage the effects of pollution on my skin?

Tailoring your beauty regime to target the effects of pollution can help especially if you live or work in a city, along with thoroughly cleansing the skin as soon as you get home to minimises the chance of pollution toxins setting into the skin.


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Begin by cleansing with Claudia Fallah’s Azulene Foam Active Gentle Face Wash, £38 which will help to remove makeup impurities, trapped dirt and decongest the skin. Formulated with Bergamont Oil, Mandarin Oil, Roman Chamomile, Mango and Azulene, this anti allergic wash has been designed to provide a dose of antioxidant protection to eliminate the effects of pollution and reduce fine lines.


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Exfoliating on a weekly basis is a crucial step to combatting against the effects of congested skin from the result of anti pollution. Try Claudia Fallah’s Gentle Exfoliant Creme, £39 which is of a creamy non abrasive texture, for a lighter yet long lasting approach to smoother skin.


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Choosing the right moisturiser is key when it comes to anti pollution protection, I like Claudia Fallah’s Ultra Pro Tech, £55 which combines Vitamin E and UV protection to shield against environmental defects.


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Finish your regime with a spritz of Claudia Fallah’s Calming Herbal Lotion, £36 ultra cooling and heavily hydrating, this miracle mist helps to reduce the appearance of redness caused by environmental and sensitivity factors, whilst keeping skin protected throughout the day.