The Secret To Achieving Your Best Beach Body

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With summer in full swing, the heat only getting hotter, and a lot of us preparing for holidays, it’s time to blitz our bodies to create an ideal base for a sun tan. It’s important to remove any dead skin cells to unleash a new layer of radiant skin, ready to take on the rays.

When it comes to body scrubs, we favour something that does a good job but that doesn’t feel overly abrasive on sensitive skin. If body scrubs aren't for you, there's always body brushing. We tend to prefer sugar or salt based scrubs, made up of a granule and oil mix. We like the Brown Sugar Body Polish by Fresh, Burt’s Bees cranberry offering and the Ambrusca Wash and Scrub by Molton Brown. If you haven’t already then take our beauty questionnaire to find out which scrub is best for your skin type. Once a new layer of skin is unleashed, we suggest using a firming lotion to keep any lumps and bumps in check. The firming lotion from This Works is a great option for creating a smoother appearance.

To avoid unwanted flakey skin, it is important to maintain a moisturising routine. Use a nourishing oil or a body butter daily once you’re exposed to the sun to prolong a tan and to keep skin healthy. Now your body is ready for the beach, just don’t forget the SPF.