The Secret To Avoiding Split Ends

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No chic outfit nor any gorgeous makeup look can help if you've got brittle, damaged hair. Our go-to solution to the split-end menace is tackling the problem at the root which simply means taking such good care of your hair that you never get any. This includes regular trim sessions, hair masks, sun protection and finding a suitable shampoo. If you’re frequented with this issue read our top beauty tips to flaunt tresses that are healthy, happy and thick.

To find the perfect solution to any beauty issue it’s first important to understand the problem entirely. The main cause of spilt ends is the breakage and wearing of the outer most layer of your hair due to factors such as salon chemicals and over heat styling. Once the outer layer breaks, it damages the structure of your hair and paves the way for weak, damaged ends.

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One of the top beauty tips recognised worldwide is providing added protection to your hair in the form of a hair oil. Whether it is the damaging summer sun or the dehydrating winter winds, armour you hair with an extra layer of protection using Dabur’s all-natural, Amla Hair Oil £3.49. One of the most popular hair products in India, it is known to be a reliable oil that enriches your hair from root to tip. Its main ingredient, gooseberry juice, is considered to be the secret of long, flowing hair in the Indian subcontinent. Gooseberries are rich in Vitamin C and also a powerful antioxidant. This is a sure shot way to strengthen the hair root, maintain colour and add lustre.

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When solving this particular hair problem you need to remember that the only true way of getting rid of split ends is by getting your hair snipped - don’t let any product label convince you otherwise. Meanwhile there is plenty that can be done to make sure your hair bulk up and stay strong against frayed ends. If you’re looking for products to help strengthen your locks then make sure to pick up Wella’s Sp Perfect Ends £19.35. This product is formulated with replenishing, repairing ingredients that leave your dry, damaged hair looking and feeling rejuvenated whilst providing a brilliant shine. It helps avoid those horrid split ends and instead, provides you with a beautifully smooth and healthy finish, helping you protect it from further damage. Another amazing alternative is Kerastase’s Resistance Masque Therapiste Fiber Quality Renewal Masque £95.00 as it features a unique buttery texture masque that works at the very core of your hair. Ideal for damaged locks, it allows the hair fiber to regain its strength and elasticity to help achieve smoother, toned and a healthier looking mane.

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Studies have proved that excessive sun exposure degrades protein and pigment in hair and that a UV-protectant for your mane is equally important. Just like you can spray UV-protection onto your skin through the day, depending on the amount of sun exposure, you can also use Kerastraight Protect Sun Protection Spray £20.00 to shield your hair from damage. It is a luxurious spray that works to protect your hair against UVA/UVB rays and reduces the damaging effects of salt water as well as chlorine.

There is no reason that you should be stuck with brittle, unhealthy hair - use our top beauty tips to avoid having a single bad hair day all year round.

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