The Simple Valentine's Day Massage Guaranteed To Please In 15 Minutes

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Valentine’s Day, the day of luuurve, is almost upon us and if you’re currently in a relationship you may be wondering what you can do to treat that special someone in your life. At My Beauty Matches, whilst we try to be different, there are some cliches we just can't help but love and a Valentine’s Day massage is definitely one of them. What better, simpler and more enjoyable way to treat the special person in your life? So if you're wondering how to do a relaxing massage, here is our 15 minute guide to help you give the gift of sensual pampering this Valentine’s Day. This is going to earn you serious brownie points…

First of all, you want to set the scene. If you’re in a room with harsh lighting, yesterday’s takeout containers and The Archers on the radio, you’re not going to be able to perform a relaxing massage. Dim the lights, put on some of your favourite, relaxing music and make the massage area look appealing. Whether you use cushions or candles or just tidy a few things away, you want the room to look and feel relaxing. To increase the romance, find a sensual fragrance with which to fill the room, this can be done with a gorgeously scented diffuser or candle, or just by spraying some of your favourite, seductive perfume. A sensual choice we love is Decadence Eau De Parfum from Marc Jacobs £48. This indulgent fragrance with hints of plum, rose and amber will melt away tension, setting the perfect mood for your evening of romance.

You’ll need a comfortable surface for your massage-ee to lay on, a bed, large sofa or even just a few pillows on the floor will do. Before you begin the massage you’ll want to apply a soothing body oil, this makes it easier for your hands to move over the body without causing uncomfortable friction (snagging skin is hardly sexy…) You can check out our vast selection of body oils here but a particularly romantic option on the market is this Horny Cow Bath & Massage Oil £19.99. This floral and spicy blend is guaranteed to heighten the romance as it contains patchouli oil which is known for arousing desire, whilst the cinnamon extracts create noticeable heat. Make sure you warm the oil in your hands before applying to your loved one, chilly massage oil can be a mood killer.

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For the perfect romantic massage we recommend you focus on the head, neck and shoulders. Many masseuses include the entire body in a massage, but realistically you don’t want to be massaging your partner for 60 straight minutes. The head, neck and shoulders are the perfect place to start as they offer maximum relaxation and are the easiest parts to work on. Firstly you want to spread the oil across the back and neck, so use long strokes starting at the base of the back and lightly spread the oil up towards the neck. Do this for one minute or until the back is covered, then begin moving your hands in circular motions across the back, starting from the waste and moving down towards the hips, then back up towards the shoulders. Perform this action for around 2 minutes.

Next, turn your focus to the shoulders and using your thumbs gently knead the muscles in circular motions starting from the base of the neck and moving out towards the shoulders. Once you have reached the shoulders, stop this motion and run both hands down the full length of their arms and repeat this process for approximately 3 minutes. These circular motions increase circulation to the muscles and gently loosen any tight knots that have formed so you’ll begin to feel the tension melting away.

As they become fully relaxed begin running your hands down either side of the spine, it’s very important not to push directly onto the spine as this can be uncomfortable and won’t serve to relax your partner at all. Place one hand either side of the spine and gently push up from the base of the back towards the heart. As you reach the neck, work your way back down again using gentle circular motions with your thumb. Repeat this process for approximately 3 minutes and remember to reload with relaxing oil if you feel the skin has absorbed most of it.

Once the back is fully relaxed you can move on to the neck. The neck is an area where many of us carry stress and it can manifest in aches, pains and twinging nerves. With this in mind it’s important to remember to be very gentle when massaging the neck as upsetting your partner’s nerves won’t be the most romantic end to the evening. Start by placing your finger and thumb either side of the back of the head and moving your whole hand gently rub the neck in circular motions, gradually moving down the neck as you go. Each time you reach the base of the neck, gently push up towards the head and repeat the same motion for approximately 3 minutes.

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Finally, no great massage is complete without a gentle scalp massage and this doesn’t have to be complicated to be effective. You’ve probably seen one of these before, these claw like contraptions are an incredibly simple invention but if you’ve ever used one you’ll know how effective they are. With this head massage you are aiming to recreate a similar idea, so using your hands as claws run your fingers across your partners head. You want to do it hard enough that they feel the pressure but not so hard as to scratch them, that’s guaranteed to be an instant mood killer. If it’s easier, simply ask your partner to “say when” as you reach the optimum pressure. Once you’ve run your fingers across most of their scalp, work your way along their hairline, stroking the hair back with small finger movements. This re-sets the scalp's sensitivity, meaning when you begin running your fingers through their hair again it will feel just as good as the first time. Repeat this process for approximately 3 minutes and once you’re finished, end the massage by running your hands from their head down towards the neck, shoulders and back. It’s relaxing me just thinking about it.

The important thing to remember when attempting a soothing massage at home is that YOU ARE NOT A PROFESSIONAL (unless you are a qualified masseuse in which case we apologise). A massage is only relaxing so long as you perform moves that do more good than harm, so don't go trying any hero moves you once witnessed at a day spa in Thailand, because no great Valentine's Day ever ended in A&E. Always use light pressure, always communicate with your partner to ensure they are enjoying themselves and always stop if it's causing problems. Stick to these simple rules and your Valentine's Day will be one of pure, sensual bliss.

This simple but effective massage will enable you to give your partner the perfect Valentine’s Day gift that doesn’t require making difficult table reservations, plus it comes with the added bonus of allowing you to get a little closer on this romantic holiday. With the help of some luxurious candles, sensual scents and soothing music you can recreate the perfect romantic spa right from your living room. Who said romance was dead?

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