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Are you struggling to keep up with the Korean skin care regimen? “Essence” has become the latest Korean skin care trend, but is it one of the best ageing skin care tips? What is the difference between essence and serum? Is it really one of the best beauty tips? The Korean skin care regimen (10+ step) makes me feel like I need to get my life together; sure taxes still confuse me, but I need to tackle these skin care tips and tricks first.

Is it necessary or just a clever marketing tactic?

You would use an essence technically when you use a serum. Essences are traditionally more lightweight and less concentrated than serums. Essences are not toners; essences have a higher dose of active ingredients, with a multitude of hydration elements, this is the argument for it being one of the best ageing skin care tips. Essences can also be an anti-ageing treatment, helping to create a thick moisture barrier so skin remains plump. It encourages cellular turnover, so the skin will feel smoother and brighter. Essences however may be better suited for those with normal/dry skin rather than those with oily skin; it will be a matter of trial and error. I still remain undecided; did you know Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair is labelled “Brown Bottle Essence” in Korea? The ultra-lightweight formula means anti-ageing ingredients can be penetrated deeper into the skin, but there are also different ways of creating moisture storage in your skin without the extra skin care step. Below are best skin care products you don’t want to slip down the drain, these are not necessarily “essences” as such, but they will have the same benefits.

  1. Crème De La Mer Night Concentrate, £290, has the healing powers of the sea. This concentrate uses bio-fermented-sea-kelp, named "Miracle Broth". The ultra liquid consistency is part H20 and part oil to mimic the skin. The goal is to help the epidermis retain water. The brand is already of a cult status with many Hollywood stars claiming it to be the best ageing skin care tip.

  2. Darphin Nigh Care Stimulskin, £112,42, has an unprecedented botanical jewel in its formula. It visibly reduces lines and wrinkles, lifts and firms, while brightening and illuminating your complexion. The serum combines Sea Emerald™ with Samphire extract and innovative Peptides, nestled in an exquisitely rich and silky smooth texture.

  3. Chanel Sublimage La Lotion Supreme, £110, balances and hydrates. This product will help replenish moisture by prepping the skin for optimal absorption of anti-ageing products that follow. The magnetic water complex retains hydration for plumper skin. The key active ingredient is the botanical fruit Vanilla Planifolia PFA, which provides barrier functions, and encourages cellular turnover.

  4. Keihl’s Iris Extract Activating Treatment Essence, £34, is an anti-ageing facial treatment. Inspired by longstanding Asian beauty rituals, this specifically highlights the term “essence”. Enriched with Florentina Extract the formulation primes the skin to deliver quick hydration.

  5. Dior Hydra Life Pro-Youth Sorbet Essence, £52, boosts the flow of water in the skin. Hydra Life Skincare stimulates the 3 levels of Aquaporins, the skin’s essential hydration channels. Dior combines botanical extracts to strengthen the skin barrier for skin filled water, right to the heart of the cells. Balancing the skin's hydration levels is one of the best beauty tips.

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