The Skincare Hacks You Need To Know When Getting A New Tattoo

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I live in east london and tattoos are de rigueur. You can’t go anywhere without seeing some intricately inked piece of artwork gracing someone’s skin nearby. Despite not having any myself, I’m completely fascinated by them and respect the artistic talents of many a tattoo artist.

With a friend recently getting a rather large inking, and telling me it was like looking after a newborn baby. As usual, when it comes to beautification, my advice always gets asked no matter what the topic (I’m like a walking encyclopedia of beauty products). They told me what they needed asked if we had any products suitable. Funnily enough, we sure do! My beauty matches is about personalising products for you. Whether you are looking for wrinkle busting, spot zapping, hair nourishing, or skin healing balms for your new tattoo, we don’t discriminate, we’ve got a great selection to keep your tattoo looking fresh as the day it was inked. I scoped out my most inked friends and got their advice on the healing process and the products they recommend to keep tattoos fresh, and you skin healthy.

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Follow these new tattoo care tips:

Tattoo care tip 1: Leave the bandage on for 2-4 hours. Once your tattoo is complete, the artist will cover the area in a non stick bandage to protect it from safeguard the fresh tattoo from bacteria on your way home. Whilst you might want to flaunt it right away, it’s best to keep it covered for a few hours. After that period, you can take it off and let your skin breathe, as air is needed for the healing process.

Tattoo care tip 2: Keep it clean. Typically it takes about 2 weeks for a tattoo to heal. To keep it healthy during this time you need to keep it clean. After the bandage is off, gently wash it with a fragrance-free cleanser. Replenishing Body Wash 5% Urea Plus Lactate £8.00keeps the skin smooth and supple only contains mild cleansing agents, whilst the moisturising ingredients will help the healing process and reduce raised scarring.

Tattoo care tip 3: Moisture is key. A moisturizing agent is necessary to speed up the healing process. French brand Derm Ink specalise in tattoo care and their DERM INK Tattoo balm £8.00 is enriched with moisturising Shea Butter, Beeswax and Seaweed Extract. It’s fast-absorbing and non-greasy and the formula works to soothe and protect the skin, whilst helping to improve healing time by providing a barrier against bacteria. Apply a thin layer over and around the tattoo after every wash and before bed for about a week. Then after than you can switch to a fragrance free moisturiser if you prefer. Such as Burt’s Bees Fragrance Free Body Lotion £9.99 which is not only fragrance free, but 99% natural to boot!

Tattoo care tip 4: Don’t pick, rub or scratch. Like any wound that’s healing, things can get uncomfortable and itchy. Resist the urge to scratch, or pick your tat and definitely wear tight clothes or shoes that will rub until its healed. As this could mean to imperfections and you’ll need to get it redone. Which will be espensive...(and painful).

Tattoo care tip 5: Use Sun Protection. UV rays are not just wrinkle causers, they are your tattoo’s worst nightmare too! Especially during the first few weeks. Keep it covered when outdoors and once it’s healed keep it from fading with an SPF. Derm Ink Tattoo Protection Cream £16.00 is suitable for all skin types, Its caring formula is infused with Organic Sesame Oil, Witch Hazel and Marshmallow Root Extract to soothe dryness and prevent irritation, and the added SPF 15 shields from sun damage. Skin is left soft, nourished and comfortable without greasy residue. Fragrance and paraben free. Or for those with really sensitive skin, my friends can’t get enough of La Roche Posay Anthelios 60 Melt-in Sunscreen Milk For Face & Body £27.04 it’s super light, non greasy and the factor 60 will keep your ink looking fresh for years.

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