The SURPRISING 10 Minute Trick Celebs Use For Selfie-Ready Skin

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Contouring? Meh. Strobing? So passé. Baking is the new It makeup technique, and it's hot stuff. This method is all about heat – your natural heat that is. That's right ladies, the sweaty look is now sexy. Well not sweating profusely, more like how a Vogue model glistens while pretending to work out in high fashion sport attire.

Why "baking"? Entertainers and performers have been using this technique for years to keep their makeup from sliding off under harsh spotlights. The 10 minute wait time is crucial for the "baking" process, as the heat from your face "cooks" products together for seamless coverage. As you probably guessed this isn't for the makeup-newbie (you may end up looking like Casper The Friendly Ghost), but it sure is worth a try! Here are top makeup tips you need to get luminous fast and not leave you waiting impatiently for the ding!

1. Use a damp beauty blender like the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge from £5.99 to lightly apply a creamy under eye concealer like the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer from £19.80 to banish dark circles.

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2. Generously apply an online beauty buy like Chantecaille's Loose Powder from £48.00 right on top of the concealer, and let it sit for 10 minutes. You want the powder to seep in to the concealer and get brighter by the second.

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3. Finally, use an online beauty buy like Real Techniques' Powder Brush from £8.79 to dust off any residual powder. If you're looking chalky, softly dab on a loose bronzer to add a little warmth back in to your face.

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Ta dah!

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