The Top 7 Tips For Brilliant Brows

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Eyebrows… We all have them, but we don’t all have a set to be proud of. Cara Delevingne, Kim Kardashian and Angelina Jolie have all succeeded in the brow game as well as life in general and you too can be like them. We’ve all heard the modern day mantra of “Don’t trust anyone with bad eyebrows” and now having a strong brow game seems to be just as important as having your 5 a day.

But the eyebrow game can be confusing; do you go for bushy, sleek, thick or curved? And then what colour do you go for – lighter than your hair, a shade darker or exactly the same? Fear not, with these 7 simple tips, you can be top of your brow game.

1. So you’ve decided that you want a fuller shape and brows that wow, yes? Use a soft low-oil pencil to lightly shade the hairs above and below your brow to create a shadow. Then using an eyebrow brush/spooly, brush the hairs upward to give a natural look. Just doing this step will make your eyebrows look ten times better and a good set of eyebrows can make a whole lot of difference to your face.

2. Don’t draw directly onto your skin with an eyebrow pencil. If you can see pencil line, it’s a huge giveaway that you’ve coloured your arches in and it doesn’t look great. You want to enhance what you have, not obviously create something that isn’t there.

3. If you want a natural look then the ‘feathered’ effect is best for you. Brushing the eyebrow hairs upwards and outwards will make your brows look more natural and fuller. Brushing them outward, along the natural hair line alone won’t give you this look but if you brush them upwards too, you’ll have thicker and more defined eyebrows.

4. You may think that eyebrow colouring would be easy – a simple blonde, brown and black option - but you’d be wrong. If you’re using a gel, go for a colour that is the same shade as your natural eyebrow colour or one shade darker. With the eyebrow pencil, you should always go for a shade that is lighter to create a softer finish, as using a dark coloured pencil will make your eyebrows look unnatural (even though you are enhancing what you have, nobody wants them to look fake). Maybelline, Benefit and MAC all have great eyebrow pencils with a variety of shades to match any skin tone and hair colour.

5. Don’t over pluck your eyebrows. Strong eyebrows make you look healthy, confident and radiant. Even if you don’t fancy putting on make-up, strong eyebrows will make you look awake and ready to face anything.

6. Who knew that there was so much to having good eyebrows? If you don’t have time to draw on tiny, hair-like strokes with a pencil, then pick up a brow mascara (yes there is such a thing!) Use this wonder tool exactly like a normal mascara and with the help of the fibres on the brush, your brows will soon be bolder and on point.

7. And finally, you’ve spent all this time perfecting the perfect shape and colour so naturally you want them to stay this way. Simply get a clean toothbrush and spray with hairspray, running it through the hairs to keep them in place. (There’s your top tip of the week)