The Ultimate A - Z of Beauty and Wellbeing

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These beauty and wellbeing tips will cleanse your skin from within to improve the condition of your hair, skin, and nails. If you wish to super boost your immune system, digestive health, and rev up your metabolism read on...

Alkaline. Our bodies should sit on the 7.4 of the PH scale which is slightly alkaline. Ingredients such as Chlorella, Spiriluna, spinach, asparagus, avocado, and Wheatgrass, are all rich in Chlorophyll which have an alkalising effect on your body. Benefits of a balanced body PH vary from good digestion, greater skin elasticity and a strengthened immune system.

Body brushing. Two minutes spent body brushing every morning will improve circulation, lymphatic drainage, muscle tone, and reduce cellulite. (Tip: follow up with coconut oil).

Clown contouring. The new buzzword amongst beauty bloggers. It's a new makeup technique to create the illusion of a sculpted jawline. Beauty blogger BellaDeLune can teach you the technique loved by Kim Kardashian and Megan Fox.

Detox teas. Packed with antioxidants detox teas are a healthy alternative to coffee and tea. Look out for these keys ingredients: Burdock root, Senna, Dandelion, Fennel Hibiscus, and Aniseed.

Eggcelent. One little egg is packed with Vitamin A, E, B, Zinc, and iron, which will fight against free radicals, and enchance growth and repair.

Fermented Cosmetics. Beauty brands are using fermented ingredients such as bamboo sap, red clover, ginseng, and soya bean in skincare. The greater dose of antioxidants will stimulate the skins natural metabolism.

Grains. Teff, Freekeh, Kamut, are the new superfood grains. They are packed with protein, calcium, fibre, Lupin, and essential fatty acids.

Hair perfumes. Chanel, Balmain, and Byredo are a few of many to offer your locks a fresh scent. Finally a solution to mask last nights lingering whisky trails.

Inositol. Studies have found this vitamin B complex to significantly improve the health of your hair and aid its growth.

Juice Tonic. This organic cold-pressed juice bar offers you the option of a tailor made juice bespoke to your needs. 3 Winnett Street, London W1D 6JY

Krill Oil. This oil contains phospholipids which is known to support healthy hormone production. Lemon water. Begin your day with a glass of warm water and slice of lemon to flush out toxins. Lemons contain pectin fibre and have antibacterial properties which will aid weight-loss.

Massage. Facial massage will curb congestion and give you a natural face lift. Try soft tapping, pinching, and upward circular motion to increase blood and oxygen flow.

Nude tones. The beige lip and nail will forever be a classic combination. Nude shades suggest an understated sensuality, warmth and modernity. The shade is suggestive of quality and good grooming.

Olaplex is a new revolutionary in-salon hair treatment which will leave your hair full of health. Unlike other conditioning treatments which coat the hair. Olaplex works internally to repair broken bonds and is suitable for all hair types. For more details visit

Pearl is a compact mirror which doubles up as an iPhone charger.

Q-10. This vitamin-like substance has antioxidant properties high in vitamin e, and c helping to prevent skin ageing.

Retinyl Palmitate should be on your ingredient watch-list. It is a form of anti-ageing Vitamin A which will protect you from UV rays, stimulate cell renewal and enhance skin elasticity.

Silicone-free shampoo. A silicone-free formula will give you shinier, thicker locks, and keep your hair colour vibrant.

Treatment oil cleansers. No matter your skin type oil cleansers have been a beauty game changer. Bliss Fabulous Makeup Melt Gel-to-Oil cleanser changes in texture from gel to oil when you massage it onto the skin, giving you plumper skin.

Unisex beauty brands. Sweedish brands such as & Other Stories and Klinta Co have created simple formulas with natural aromas to appeal to both sexes. No more nagging him for using your hair mask as a shampoo!

Vitamin C. Regardless of your age, a minimum of SPF 30 everyday is vital. Vitamin C will help repair any existing damage from post-acne scars to sun damage. Citrus fruits such as grapefruit, lemon, lime, and strawberries are high in Vitamin C. A substantial excuse for a strawberry daiquiri?

Water newbies. Like coconut water, Birch and Cactus water are great for rehydration. The newcomers claim to boost your health and flush out toxins with sweet-tasting liquid electrolytes.

Xtraining is a high intensity full body workout which tests your cardio and endurance levels to burn more fat and build muscle.

Yogurt + Flaxseed = Healthy Gut. When you mix fibre rich foods such as flaxseed with a probiotic, a good balance of healthy bacteria will be maintained.

Zinc. Studies have shown zinc to be an effective home remedy for treating blemishes and even Eczema. Eat: oysters, almonds, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds.