The Unexpected Beauty Secrets Straight From Rio

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I can safely say that I don’t know a single woman who hasn’t suffered from a little ‘Angel Envy’. It’s hard not to stare at a perfectly bronzed Brazilian beauty gazing at us from the billboards. We yearn for Gisele’s banging body, Lima’s bountiful booty, and Ambrosio’s barely-there belly… well yearn no more. Our beauty-savvy South American friends are letting us in on their top beauty tips.

The Brazilian Blow Dry and the Brazilian Wax have been widely tried and tested, but these Brazilian beauty trends may just surprise you:

1. Hair Burning (yes, hair burning):

Hair burning, or “velaterapia” known locally, is a procedure for dry and damaged hair caused by over treating and styling. Since the 60’s, this method of twisting small strands of hair and using candlelight to burn off split ends has been one of the most popular Brazilian beauty trends. It supposedly leaves locks smooth, giving the illusion of a fresh haircut without losing inches off of your mane. Approach this top beauty tip with caution…

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2. The Carotene-Faux-Glow:

Despite it being a land of sun worshipers, Brazil is a nation where sun damage and its effects are now more widely understood. Today these women’s top beauty tip is drinking carrot juice, and lots of it. Packed full with beta-carotene, this vegetable gradually develops a natural sun-kissed tone in the skin when frequently consumed. Drinking at least two glasses per day can increase the intensity of your natural skin tone and has become a popular Brazilian beauty trend. Another benefit is that carrots contain high amounts of Vitamins A and C which promote cell renewal and collagen production.

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3. Pop Lips:

Even though embellished costume makeup springs to mind when thinking of Carnival, the beach culture is not a fussy one – and one major Brazilian beauty trend is just that. An easy to apply pocket size lipstick is all that these beach babes need to take a look from day to night. Fun shades like coral and fuchsia have become the ultimate accessory!

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4. DERM, regularly:

Popular cosmetic brands like Kiehl’s, Aveda, and MAC have jumped on to the Brazilian beauty bandwagon. Indigenous and natural ingredients from the Amazon are the latest remedies in their skin care and makeup lines. Regularly, Brazilian dermatologists create bespoke DIY skin care products for their clients and discuss top beauty tips originating from the rainforest. Fruits and plants like açaí and murmur palm oil are widely used in skin care treatments because of their unique properties and powerful results. Now while we may not have that luxury, regular facials or visits to your dermatologist can keep your skin looking and feeling its best.

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