The Beauty Super Berry Everyone Is Talking About

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Nibbling on goji berries and golden-berries were once the top tips for healthy skin, however there is a new superberry in town. Schizandra berry means “Five Flavours Fruit” due to it's conflicting flavours. This anti-ageing herb is one of the highest antioxidant berries and helps to maintain healthy cells; Schizandra berry is a traditional Chinese medicine renowned for it's healing purposes and is one of the most adaptogenic herbs in China. The term “Adaptogenic” means they have balancing, anti-fatigue, and anti-stress properties. This may also just be of of your top tips for glowing skin.

This exotic berry was initially used as medicine in North East China; it is now boarder hopping due to it's antioxidant, mind-sharpening, and anti-inflammatory powers. It has been said that instead of beginning your day with a cup of coffee, ginseng tea with a scoop of Schizandra berry fruit powder is a healthy alternative to the brain-boosting drug in Limitless (well close).

This berry is heir to the super food throne having been critically acclaimed to promote beautiful skin, hair, and clear eyes. Schizandra strengthens the immunity to fight against free radicals and can speed up the skins healing process. Referred to as an “anti-ageing miracle” it preserves moisture and protects against UVB sun damage. It works to help your skin retain moisture whilst the internal anti-fatigue fighting powers give you a radiant glow on the outside, say hello to a spoonful of your top beauty tip for glowing skin. It also functions as a sexual tonic promoting a healthy libido, a fatigue fighter, memory booster, and it is liver cleansing. Oh and combats insomnia. Sold? Make sure the berries are raw, sun-dried, and organic.

Investing in Schizandra berries may just be one of the top tips for healthy skin. It has been recommended to treat those with acne or psoriasis. however make sure to consult your skin specialist/doctor before use.

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