Top 10 Instagram Accounts To Inspire You This January

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enter image description here If you have a smartphone, or a heart beat, then the chances are you’ve encountered the social media sensation that is Instagram. Home to a plethora of photos which engaging subjects such as food, fashion and @MarnieTheDog. But scatter amongst these rather more trivial (but undeniably addictive) accounts are some extremely talented individuals with some valuable advice. So to give you a post-Christmas boost we’ve handpicked our 10 favourite Instagram accounts that we think will inspire you this January.

enter image description here Travel Inspiration - @KirstenAlana

@KirstenAlana is an NYC-based professional photographer sharing luxury travel, fashion & lifestyle photos. With images stunning enough to inspire any stubborn London city gal to give up her iPad and become a nomad, we think Kirsten’s Instagram is the ultimate source for travel inspiration. If you’re thinking of planning a trip this year, check out her captions which are like mini blog posts packed full of useful information and helpful tips regarding the places she’s visited.

enter image description here Nail Inspiration - @JinSoonChoi

If one of your new year’s resolutions this year was to stop biting your nails, then this is the Instagram account for you. @JinSoonChoi, fashion-world manicurists, boasts a feed full of stunning, office-appropriate nail polish designs and ideas. Featuring major beauty icons including Gigi Hadid and Miranda Kerr, Jin Soon Choi has an impressive track record for creating stunning looks for the fashion elite. Warning, there is a real and considerable danger of getting trapped, forever scrolling down on the never ending #nailinspo #nailporn.

enter image description here Fitness Inspiration - @Kayla_Itsines

@Kayla_Itsines exploded onto the Instagram scene in 2015 and her inspirational account is only getting better. With advice on exercise, video guides, tips for nutrition and two exceptionally adorable dogs - Kayla is a must follow this January for anyone looking to give a tired workout routine a much needed makeover.

enter image description here Food Inspiration - @NomNomPaleo

We couldn’t make it through an article about Instagram accounts without including a few epic foodies, and @NomNomPaleo certainly doesn’t fail to deliver. Whether you’re a fan of the paleo diet plan or not the recipes shared on this account are guaranteed to inspire you to shake up your mealtimes. The recipes are colourful, easy to cook and achievable for the everyday man and woman so this is a definite must see if you’re tired of eating the same old junk food.

enter image description here Fitness Inspiration - @MuffinTopless

@MuffinTopless does exactly what it says on the tin, with a gorgeous collection of workout inspiring selfies and nutritional advice. As a certified personal trainer Savannah (owner of MuffinTopless) understands the difficulties involved in reaching your goal body and provides helpful and inspiration posts to keep you on track. Boasting an impressive set of biceps, Muffintopless is a must follow for anyone looking to take their workout to the next level.

enter image description here Beauty Inspiration - @MixedGemsBeauty

Rose Gallagher, aka @MixedGemsBeauty, is a beauty personal shopper turned big time beauty blogger who shares the latest in beauty news and hot trends to thousands of followers on a daily basis. If you’re looking for some beauty inspiration this year then Rose can definitely help. With so many product reviews, tips and honest advice, MixedGemsBeauty will inspire you to achieve your next beauty look in 2016. A must follow for all beauty junkies.

enter image description here Food Inspiraion - @NomYourself

If you’re considering going vegan in 2016 then @NomYourself is a must follow to inspire you with Mary’s beautiful recipes. Mary Mattern is a personal chef, cookbook author and vegan enthusiast who we think has the power to inspire even the most dedicated of carnivores to consider the switch. With so many beautiful recipes, some of which you would never think could possibly be vegan, Mary might just change your mind about the “rabbit food” diet we all thought we understood.

enter image description here Hair Inspiration - @HairRomance

If you’re in need of some serious hair inspo this year then look no further than @HairRomance, for when you just want to look at a lot of very pretty pictures. Owned by Christina Butcher, curly-haired beauty blogger, this instagram will inspire you with its gallery of gorgeous updos, boho braids and loose chignons, with amazing step by step guides.

enter image description here Travel Inspiration - @RoundTheWorldGirl

@RoundTheWorldGirl is the perfect account for anyone looking to awaken their inner travel bug. The wandering Elise expertly captures the dramatic scenes and landscapes she’s encountered on her journey and it’s more than a little breathtaking to say the least. Definite must follow for some thought-provoking inspiration.

enter image description here Beauty Inspiration - @PatMcGrath

If you’re looking for stunning photography and breathtaking makeup artistry, then @PatMcGrath is a must follow for some truly inspirational photographs. As an international makeup artist and creative design director at P&G Beauty, Pat has worked with brands including COVERGIRL, Max Factor, Gucci, and Dolce & Gabbana creating some truly iconic makeup looks. If you follow this account we guarantee you won’t be disappointed with what you find.

So just in case you weren't already glued to your phone enough, we hope you enjoy these inspirational Instagram accounts as much as we do. 2016 has arrived and it brings 12 months of opportunity for you to experience something new, whether it's some brave new recipes, life changing trips or stunning new makeup looks. The possibilities are endless...

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