The Top Hair Colour Trends To Try In 2019

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Who else loves a dramatic hair colour change? I for one certainly do. But what colour should you go? What’s going to be on trend? Those are the important questions.

Luckily for you we’ve compiled our favourite 6 hair colours that are going to be ‘a thing’ in 2019. Now the only hard decision you have is to choose which one to go for!

Living Coral

It’s no surprise that ‘Living Coral’ has made it onto this list after being named as Pantone’s 2019 Colour of the Year. The peachy hue will brighten anyone’s complexion and it’s a great colour to see you through the spring and into summer. Use Fudge Professional's Paint Box in Coral Blush to recreate this look. The semi-permanent dye can used used alone or with other colours to create a customised look.

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Cool Brunette

Cool Brunette is set to be 2019’s hottest brunette shade. Cool-tuned, subtle highlights are scattered around the hair to create a gorgeous, non brassy brown that will flatter every skin tone. And the best part is that this colour will see you through summer and winter as the shade isn’t linked to any particular season. To ensure your Cool Brunette stays cool and not brassy, use Joico's Colour Balance Blue Shampoo. It eliminates brassy and orange tones and helps to preserve hair colour for up to eight weeks.

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Faded Pastel

Pastel isn’t exactly a new trend, but the intensity of the colour is. Faded Pastel is extremely wearable and easier to maintain compared to its brighter, more saturated cousin. Faded Pastel is great as you can try out lots of different shades with hardly any commitment before you find the one you like. Scott Cornwall's Colour Restore in Candy is a great place for any pastel enthusiast to start.

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Dusty Copper

While red hair is always on trend, a lot of people shy away from it because they’re scared it comes across ‘too fiery’. Dusty Copper is the perfect compromise as it still gives you that gorgeous red shade but just toned down a little. To achieve this look give L'Oreal Paris' Preference Infinia a go.

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Antique Gold

Out with white blonde, in with Antique Gold. 2019 is set to be filled with people sporting this new, softer version of platinum blonde. Antique gold takes on the colour of champagne thanks to a mix of warm and cool hues. To make sure you maintain those beautiful blonde tones, use Pro:Voke Liquid Blonde colour Activating Treatment Shampoo.

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This shade was popular back in 2017 and it’s set to make a comeback. Blackberry is great for people with dark hair that don’t want to mess around with excessive amounts of bleach (although you will still need to lighten your hair so the purple stands out). To add even more dimension, run streaks of blue through the purple. Not sure if Blackberry is the shade for you? Use L'Oreal Paris' Colorista Hair Makeup in Plum Purple to test the waters by adding temporary purple streaks to your hair.

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