#1 Tip For Achieving The Perfect Hairstyle

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Valentine’s Day is just a few days away and now’s the time to start thinking about how to get rid of split ends, how to strengthen your hair and tame your frizz to achieve the perfect hairstyle for your big date.

Blow drying your hair after washing then heat styling it with curling or straightening tongs on a regular basis can cause a lot of damage to the follicles and shafts of your hair, often resulting in weakening the hair and causing split ends. Dry, brittle hair damaged by heat can actually stop your hair from growing and the only remedy would be for a drastic chop to get rid of split ends and keep only the healthy lengths of hair in a bid to encourage growth.

Achieving the perfect hairstyle on Valentine’s Day requires healthy, strong and beautifully shiny hair for that gorgeous curled, braided or straightened look you’re going for. To achieve this, you need to use hair oils and treatments to bring back your hair’s strength and boost natural shine, as well as repair hair and get rid of split ends.

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Derived from an ancient Unani family recipe, this remedy for damaged hair provides nutrients and a unique, powerful blend of luxurious natural herbs and organic cold pressed oils to enrich, repair and protect your hair. Free from parabens, sls, fragrances and dyes, this age old hair remedy is cruelty free and suitable for all hair types, meaning anyone can experience the benefits of its unique blend to bring life back into their hair.

Using Samol Herbal Hair and Scalp Oil twice a week will encourage natural hair growth, keep your hair rich with moisture and natural oils and facilitate hair repair both at the root and throughout the lengths and help get rid of split ends.

Depending on the length and thickness of your hair, use at least 8-10 drops to help fully moisturise the scalp with the oil. Apply using your fingers and massage into your scalp, hair roots and apply along the lengths and ends of your hair for maximum results. Over time, your hair will be healthier, stronger and more resistant to sun and heat damage, allowing you to create the perfect hairstyle for your Valentine’s Day date.

For the same intense treatment for your skin, use Samol Herbal’s Herbal Facial Elixir to combat dryness, uneven skin tone, imperfections and lack of radiance.

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For help finding products that will bring back life and health to your hair, encourage hair growth and get rid of split ends, take our beauty quiz and get personalised recommendations based on your hair type and achieve the perfect sleek, shiny and full hairstyle ready for your Valentine’s Day date.