Top Ways To Soothe Post Wax Irritation

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Sure, it’s expensive and yes, you have to take out precious minutes from your day and spend it at a salon but trust us when we say that waxing is worth all that effort. Not only is it the best way to remove stubborn hair, it also removes a layer of dead skin cells and blackheads plus you’re less likely to get ingrown hair in comparison with other methods of hair removal. Even with all these benefits there is no denying the discomfort that comes after a waxing session - yanking hair from the root using a sticky substance can’t be easy on our body, especially for people who’re dealing with sensitive skin. So here are some of the best beauty tips for keeping skin smooth, soft and relaxed after a tough wax session.

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If you couldn't get your hair waxed till the very last minute and would like to get rid of the redness immediately then keep a bottle of Paula’s Choice Clinical Redness Relief £19.50 handy. This product provides instant relief, reducing redness and bringing your complexion back to its calm self. If you’d like to try out a post wax treatment that is all-natural, inexpensive and homemade, then create a mixture of cold greek yogurt, honey and baking soda. Both honey and soda contain antibacterial properties that reduce inflammation and redness almost instantly. In case you’re unwilling to get into the hassle of whipping up a homemade formula, a product we love applying after a long bath is Molton Brown’s Cedrus Soothing Body Oil £27.00. Its lightly-fragranced formula easily seeps into your skin leaving it smooth, soft and most importantly, relaxed. It almost feels like you’ve given yourself a mini-spa treatment right at home!

For a long-lasting effect make it a habit to lightly massage on [Guinot After Hair Removal Body Gel £27.50]( as it is a soothing and calming gel that helps by reducing irritation and heat associated with hair removal leaving your skin feeling refreshed. Other than that it also minimises re-growth by making hair grow back thinner, consequently reducing the number of hair removal sessions you need in a year.

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Another product we love is Decleor’s Body Care Aroma Epil Post Wax Double Action Gel £16.00. Thanks to the cooling and moisturising presence of aloe vera, the skin instantly feels better, remaining clear and silky day after day. The post-wax gel also contains purifying and deep-cleansing properties that significantly slows down hair re-growth. The refreshing gel has been especially formulated to ensure clear, blemish-free skin for longer.

Last but not least an ultra gentle gel that deserves a place on your beauty cabinet is Peter Thomas Roth Radiance Cucumber Gel Masque as it contains a non stinging formula that soothes skin after irritating procedures such as waxing, peels and electrolysis. Its formula contains soothing botanical extracts of cucumber, papaya, chamomile, pineapple, sugar, maple, orange lemon and bilberry, to relieve skin from treatment-induced irritation leaving it renewed.

There is nothing quite like the joy of having smooth, hair-less skin that can be shown of worry-free. If you’ve always been afraid of the after-effects of waxing then use our best beauty tips to step away from that razor and make an appointment with a professional waxing beautician.

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