Tried And Tested Balancing Aromatherapy Massage

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I'm always in need of a soothing massage to help me feel more relaxed and balanced, so I went to check out the Cloud Twelve Spa in Notting Hill for one of their famous aromatherapy massages.

When I arrived I was taken to the changing room where you are provided with everything from fluffy bathrobes and slippers to towels and disposable underwear. I was then taken to the treatment room which had one of the best surprises ever. Instead of a usual massage bed this treatment room had a rose quartz crystals bed which was so much more comfortable than a regular massage bed. Before getting started with my massage my therapist kindly asked me if there were any areas I wanted her to focus on (I asked for my lower back as that's where I carry all my tension). She then placed a heated towel on my feet which is also very relaxing and soothing.

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This was a bespoke treatment which combined a mix of different pressure movements from soothing, flowing, rhythmical to medium pressure points, but throughout I could ask my therapist to increase or decrease the pressure. The therapist started with my upper back and neck and then moved down to the back of my legs. I was then asked to turn around so she could do the front of my legs, arms and finish off with not only a head massage but also a face massage. Overall this massage helped relieve tension, soothe muscles and bring back balance and a stress-free state of mind.

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Once the massage was completed I was able to enjoy the rest of their spa facilities including their sauna, steam room and relaxation room, but one of my favourites was their salt room which I have always wanted to try. The salt room is supposed to help with clearing acne but also breathing issues as it reduces the mucus in the lungs. Negatively charged ions in salt are supposed to help with our mood and health also. I definitely felt very relaxed and and didn’t want to leave!

The Balancing Aromatherapy Massage lasted 1 hour and cost £100. Visit the Cloud Twelve website to book your treatment.