Tried & Tested: Does Leighton Denny Give a Sandal Ready Pedicure

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I was lucky enough to recently get a goody bag from the lovely people at Leighton Denny. Inside contained a sneak peek of their latest summer launches, and I couldn’t wait to try them out.

Their latest launch is The Essential Pedicure Collection £25.00 which takes after the success of their Leighton Denny Totally Groomed Set £25.00 which sets up your nails perfectly.

So what’s the difference you say? This set is especially designed to get not just nails, but your actual feet, sandal ready. And supposedly has everything you need to care for you feet and leave the looking beautiful…

My feet, as they go could be worse. They are fairly normal as feet go, and thankfully not too reminiscent of a hobbits, but on the other hand (or foot) I have a serious ankle boot addiction and they haven’t seen sunlight for the last 9 months. Let’s face it, this is going to be a hard task.So I’d better get to it! The kit contains the following:

Gold Veil. An exotically scented, hydrating oil with a hint of shimmer to enhance smooth skin. Well lets hope there’s a lot of that. These pasty toes need some serious enhancing.

Well Heeled Foot Masque £12.00 (when not sold as part of the kit) is a rich cream with a tri-enzyme exfoliating action that targets areas of dense, rough and hard skin to create super smooth heels and soles. Yup, going to need that…

Smooth Your Sole Foot File, is designed to buff away hard skin and leave feet beautifully smooth.

Pedicure Socks designed to soften feet by trapping in the moisture, ideally worn overnight for the ultimate hit of hydration.

So here goes, time to put my best foot forward…

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I start with the foot file, and normally I like it when you got for a proper pedi and they really attack your feet with a scalpel (in a grotesque kind of way) as the results are really worth it. When I saw the fine grain on the file I didn’t think it would make much difference. However, I was pleasantly surprised as the ergonomic file buffed away my rough skin, leaving my soles baby soft. Then I slathered on the foot balm, it's minty fresh, creamy formula was soothing and cooling on my toes and sinks in beautifully. I slip on the socks, which kind of remind me of socks I used to wear when I was in primary school, but no ones here's to see so I’ll hopefully give them the benefit of the doubt in the morning. 8ish hours later my feet definitely feel softer and smoother than the were last night. With continued use I bet you’d see some serious results. But as a serious beauty editor I don’t just try things for a day, I give them a chance to really work. So as I sit here typing away after I’ve squeezed the last drop from the tube I can safely say my feet haven’t had this much attention in years and are as soft as a new born babies. Or satin, or butter, or clouds...what else is super soft? Because that’s how my feet feel and it’s delightful.

One recent Friday night I put the finishing touches to the test, it was date night after all and mostly I was super excited to wear my new whistles mules without scaring small children. So out comes the gold veil for the perfect shimmering touch to my feet. The golden flecks warm up my skin tone and for once I actually think my feet look nice. Actually better than nice, they look great. And my hot date, let’s call him L, looks down and says “nice shoes”. Ha. well it wasn’t about my feet, but it was in the right ball park. I’ll take it!

So when the summer comes round, I highly recommend stocking up on Leighton Denny’s Essential Pedicure Collection for truly sandal worthy feet.

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