Tried & Tested: Face Facts With Burt’s Bees

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It's coming to the end of Burt's Bees reign as brand of the month. It may have been a short lived title as we make way to feature a new brand for May. But it sure was a mighty reign, I can safely say I'm a little bit smitten with everything Burt’s Bees has put my way so far. From the texture and fragrance (all good) to the brand story and ethos (frankly, it's really quite dreamy).

Of course, before I go blowing their trumpet too much I've got one more range to trial, and that's skincare. Having been investing in skincare since the fresh-faced age of 13, and generally only wearing foundation on special occasions I've tried pretty much everything on the market to get glowing skin and know how I like my skin to look and feel (hydrated and dewy if you're interested). My skin is on the dry side and in cold weather especially it throws a paddy and can get tight and flaky. I've even been known to slather on coconut oil straight out the jar in particularly wintry months. My routine is now quite simple and I use products that are low on fragrance, and high on nourishment and then generally my skin will behave itself.

Having fed my skincare predicament to the lovely team at Burt’s bees they recommended I try the intense hydration range which is scientifically proven to intensely hydrate skin. The ingredients are 99% natural and are inspired by the Clary Sage plant and its ability to trap and retain moisture. A few days later a goody bag arrived from Burt's Bees with my recommended skincare inside. Like a giddy child at Christmas I could barely contain my excitement and almost ran into the bathrooms at work to give it a whirl immediately. However, I did manage to contain myself until that evening (as I didn't want my makeup-less face to scare any small children on the way home).

With skincare I always feel that your face needs a few days acclimatise to the new products, therefore doing a review from just one wash and go is really not the way to go. In the name of top notch beauty research I persevered for the entire month of April in the quest to get glowing skin and here's what I found:

Burt’s Bees Burt`s Bees Intense Hydration Cream Cleanser £9.99 is rich and creamy, once wet it turns into a deliciously smooth, creamy lather. I gently massaged it into my face and rinsed off with lukewarm water (don't use hot as it strips your skin of oils and can make it even drier). Once rinsed, my face felt fresh, cleansed but remarkably, not tight. AND it removed all my make up! No panda eyes in sight. Normally after using a regular face wash. I have to leg it straight back to my bedroom to slather moisturiser on my taught-as-a-drum face. This has a place firmly cemented in my bathroom.

During the day I take Burt’s Bees Intense Hydration Day Lotion £19.99 for a spin. Will it he;p me get glowing skin? It sure will. It’s soothing, moisturising and provides just the right level of dewiness without looking greasy. As an added bonus, despite the very changeable (read freezing) london weather there is no flakiness in sight! In the evening I switch it for the heavier night version. Burt's Bees Intense Hydration Night Cream £19.99. After a month of use my face feels plumper and smoother and feels noticably soft.

I’m a big fan of a face mask in general, there’s something so luxurious about taking a few minutes out of your day to really pamper yourself. Like the rest of the range I wasn't disappointed in this one. Burt’s Bees Intense Hydration Treatment Mask £19.99 feels deliciously smooth and comforting, and with its non rinse formula you simply tissue off and massage any residue in for an added hit of hydration. I popped this on one Sunday, after shall we say a slightly “heavy” weekend in an attempt to rescue my wine - dried skin. 15 minutes later I could genuinely see a visible difference and instantly my skin looked brighter... Burt’s Bees 1 - hangover 0.

As I come to the end of Burt’s Bees month in the spotlight, having tried & tested a fair number of products and have officially been disappointed by none. I can officially say, this brand really is the Bee’s Knees.

Want glowing skin and can’t wait to give Burt’s Bees a try? Shop their full range online here.

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