Tried & Tested Facial Loved by Celebs with Oxygen Infusion

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I'm fascinated by beauty treatments that get a lot of celebrity attention and always wonder whether they're just a fad or are actually worth the money. So when the opportunity arose for me to try out Rani Mirza's signature Red Carpet Facial at her salon in Knightsbridge (which has clients from Naomi Campbell to Anna Friel) I couldn't resist.

Rani has been a facialist for 25 years and started this career out of pure passion for skin care and beauty. She evens treats the children of her clients that have been coming to her for over 20 years. The Red Carpet Facial came out in 2005 and is an ideal treatment to have pre-wedding, big events and, of course, red carpets. The facial has no down time which is great for busy women like me and covers steam, massage, extraction, exfoliation, microdermabrasion, oxygen infusion and masks.

Mirza first assessed my skin and told me that I have some broken capillaries and a very very dry skin type, but overall had great firmness and texture. She gently cleansed my face with Yonka products and applied a gentle peel which exfoliated and hydrated my face before removing it with a wet sponge.

After this she did a steam and extraction, but Rani also helped removed my milia whereas most other facialists don't even notice it, let alone remove it. She removed the milia with a lance needle and it was not at all painful. After this Rani applied a micro peel to draw out any impurities. It does sting slightly but it is totally bearable and it helps with uneven skin tone. This was followed by a cocktail of serums and creams and Rani then gave me a great face and neck massage. The massage was a mix of lymphatic drainage movements to remove toxins as well as movements to improve the blood circulation to tone the skin. A deep cleansing clay mask and a compress of 5 essential oils was then applied to further decongestant and clarify my skin.

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Now if you think that was enough, Rani went ahead and did a lot more, the best part is yet to come! To remove my dead skin cells, to avoid acne and help with pigmentation she did a little bit of microdermabrasion. Next Rani gave me the oxygen infusion with Vitamin C (again to improve pigmentation), collagen and hydracloronic acid for further hydration. She first applied the serum on my face and then sprayed my face with a stream of 99% oxygen to push the serum deeper into the skin and plump out any fine lines and help remove any environmental damage.

She finished the treatment off with some face cream and eye cream. This facial could not have been more personalised even if I wanted it to be. Every step was just for me. Thank you Mirza!

The Red Carpet Facial is a 2 hour treatment and costs £195. Rani Mirza Beauty is open 10.30am to 8pm daily and on Saturdays they close at 6pm.

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