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When it comes to your beauty sleep it’s not just for fairy tales. While you may not wake up with a handsome blond guy planting a smooch on your face and holding a gleaming white stallion (in my case it’s a raspy lick from a cat with zero personal space boundaries) it really is the key to dream skin. Whilst you sleep, your body repairs itself and recovers whilst you zzz. The benefits of beauty sleep includes fewer wrinkles, a brighter complexion, de-puffed eyes, healthy, fuller hair, a happier mentality and your products will simply work better! If your skin isn’t madly trying to repair itself imagine how much more the molecules in your products could do?

So without further ado and I set off to find the best beauty sleep in town. Enter Neom.

Neom treatments and products focus upon overall and lasting well being with their highly concentrated blends of essential oils.

As I stepped in through the door of the Neom Wimbledon Spa I was immediately transported away from the world of cramped tubes, bustling high streets and in my case looming deadlines! It was like finding an oasis in the desert, the tiny shopfront was decorated in garlands of white flowers hanging from the ceiling, copper pipes gleamed on the displays and then once your eyes have widened enough to remember every tiny details (so if you're anything like you you immediately want to recreate it in your own bedroom) your olfactory senses take over. The fragrance that wafts over is divine. A soft mixture of essential oils tantalise your nose and the products on the shelves just beg to be sniffed (so I would be rude not to, right?).

Anyway this review is about the treatment not the shop - although it’s WELL worth a visit. So lets begin as they do with a consultation. You are invited to close your eyes and inhale the scents from 4 beautiful candles that are placed in front of you, the raw power of these 4 key blends will let your body know which suits its needs.The Neom Happiness fragrance of White Neroli, Mimosa and Lemon really took my fancy (apparently the BEST treatment for pre bikini bods) but in the name of the game I went with the Neom Sleep Treatment, let me tell you the fragrant scent of English Lavender, Sweet Basil and Jasmine is far from a hardship, so I followed my nose to the treatment room.

The warm, cosy room was filled with fluffy white towels, so invitingly lit that when nearly naked your lumps and bumps were so well hidden you could drift off to a peaceful slumber without the niggling feeling the therapist was comparing you to a bowl of porridge.

I had an hour long treatment that starts with a guided meditation from a woman with a voice so soothing it’s a wonder she managed to stay awake long enough to record it. The meditation clears your mind of clutter, allowing you to get the most benefits from your treatment. Whilst calming your breathing, the nimble fingered therapist (the lovely Chloe was her name) attends to your feet with a hot towel and some reflexology. By this early point I was almost snoring…

Throughout the hour your willing body is worked upon with a blend of massage techniques from Shiatsu, Thai, cranio and trigger point, all designed to release tension and work out those ingrained kinks.

Warm oils are worked into your skin, which it itself was relaxing enough. One of my favourite parts was the cranio and facial massage. Nourishing oils are stroked, massaged and placed upon the pressure points, if I was a cat i’d have been purring like a lion.

I could tell you more, but I think I was actually asleep, so my memory is a little hazy. Far from annoyed that I can’t remember, it obviously does the trick and that's good enough for me.

Once finished you are given a refreshing herbal tea and a cosy sofa to recline upon whilst you rest and make the most of your treatments benefits. I left sans make up and my skin was literally glowing. It looked bright and healthy and my movements felt so fluid I could have been walking on air.

That evening I spritzed on some Neom Pillow Mist (I simply couldn’t leave without it) and slept better than I have in years. For the next few days my friends asked if I had had a facial, a new foundation or even botox (I haven’t I swear) as my skin was simply glowing. That seems like a pretty good review to me! If a sleep treatment can do that for my face, imagine what the Happiness treatment can do to my body - bikini season is just around the corner, so I’ve already booked in for my next trip to Neom.

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Can't get to Neom? Don't worry, shop Neom here.