Tried & Tested Under Eye Concealers For Seriously Perky Results

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Everyone understands the perils of a dark under eye circle. All they need to rear their ugly head is one sleepless night, accidentally overindulging at the fizz on a work night out, a salty takeaway and BOOM! You wake up looking like you’ve gone two rounds with Mike Tyson. So it goes without saying that a decent concealer should be in every woman's beauty arsenal in order to get rid of those dark under eye circles as soon as they appear.

So instead of wasting time worrying about what you will look like in the morning, savour each and every morsel that passes your lips and stay up once in awhile to enjoy each moment. You deserve it! Just ensure you are armed with a great concealer come 7.30am and no one will be any the wiser.

As the resident Beauty Ed I had the (hard, ahem) task of reviewing some of the best concealers on the block. Read on for the best ways to get rid of under eye circles with these under eye brighteners. Whatever your under eye concealer conundrum is, there’s something for you on My Beauty Matches. Take our quick quiz to find your life changing personalised beauty matches.

For the Flawless Finish: Rosie For Autograph Miracle Concealer comes in a super-easy and handy twist up stick, so no need to faff around with sharpeners. The warm shade does wonders for dark circles and whilst the consistency can feel a little stiff if you’re used to a touche eclat style under eye concealer, when applied with a beauty blender it is completely flawless and covers even the darkest circles without creasing.

For the Insomniac: NYX Cosmetics Concealer Wand
This is a great concealer for those who are the life and soul of the party. The lightweight emollient rich formula is a dream to wear and never feels heavy or cakey but provides seriously medium to heavy coverage results. Also at the prices you can keep on in your desk and one in your makeup bag for every late night emergency.

For the Natural Girls: Giorgio Armani High Precision Retouch I’m not a big fan of heavy makeup or wearing it every day (yes I know, worst beauty editor ever) which is why I’m a big fan of this for everyday wear. It’s so light, and barely perceptible upon your skin. While it probably won’t cover post Christmas party size under eye circles it’s a fab day to day concealer to energise your skin and keep your peepers looking perky as the formula stays on for hours with no need for a touch up and the precise applicator means you can get into the tightest corners for a flawless finish.

For those who want the total package: Alpha H Absolute Eye Complex Not just satisfied with covering up your dark circles, Alpha H Absolute Eye Complex actually helps to get rid of your dark undereye circles altogether. Technically it’s not a concealer, but it’s much more than just an eye cream. The refreshing gel makes fast work of dark under eye circles, shadows, puffiness and hyperpigmentation under the eyes. It can even be used as an eye primer and applied over makeup during the day to rejuvenate tired eye. Pop it in the fridge the night before and reap the rewards come morning.

For those with dry eyes: Benefit Fake Up Concealer This concealers is a dream for those who want to get rid of dark under eye circles but suffer from dry skin around the eyes. The concealer formula is encased in a smooth, hydrating shell that glides onto your skin without a hint of dragging. The nourishing complex is formulated with vitamin E and silicon to cover and care for any under eye imperfections.

For those who need to conceal on the go: Nudestix Concealer Pencil
Whether you're on a tube, bus or taxi, this concealer pencil is ideal for touching up your makeup on the go. The extensive range of colours are suitable for all skintones and will help you get rid of dark circles in a flash. The gentle formula is packed with shea butter and vitamin E as not to irritate dry eyes and revitalise your skin throughout the day. The easy to use pencils and glide on formula are easy enough for even concealers beginners to use, and the formula doubles up as a great spot hider too!

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