Tried & Tested: What It Really Feels Like To Put Snake Venom On Your Face

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This month I decided that it was time to shake up my beauty wardrobe. Coconut extracts and almond scents have served me well over the winter months, but in these drab and dreary times I wanted to try something with a little more excitement, a little more attitude. So when I discovered that Rodial were creating products inspired from snake venom and dragon’s blood, I fell in love with my next beauty brand of choice. So if you’ve ever wondered what it feels like to put snake venom on your face, read on…

The Snake Venom range gets its name from the unique (and cleverly named) Syn-ake dipeptide, which was created to freeze fine lines and wrinkles. Inspired by Viper venom, a substance which paralyses the muscles in its unfortunate victims body, the ingenious creators at Rodial decided to create a non-toxic formula modelled around giving the same effect as the viper venom to create a wrinkle-freezing skin care range with a difference. It essentially works like a topical botox and anything that reduces the need for needles is a big yes in our books.

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Snake Serum 02 £130

So what does it actually feel like to use? Well the first product I tried was the Snake Serum 02 £130 which has a delightfully citrus scent, almost like a well-made glass of gin and tonic. It has an exceptionally lightweight feel to it and instantly blends into the skin, leaving it feeling nourished and moisturised without causing any unwanted excess grease. As someone who is guilty of sporting rather oily skin a lot, this was a massive bonus as I often find night creams and moisturisers cause me to wake up the following morning with a blindingly shiny complexion.

I used it every morning and evening after cleansing and within a week my skin was naturally more balanced and I experienced significantly fewer bouts of oily skin. I also felt that fine lines I often wind up glaring at in the mirror seemed less noticeable than usual, giving my skin an all-over smoother, healthier look.

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Snake Booster Oil £70

The next product I tried was the Snake Booster Oil £70 which is a concentrated facial oil designed to freeze expression lines and reduce the signs of ageing. The first thing I fell in love with about this product was the design, the oil comes in a little dropper bottle like something out of an original Sherlock Holmes medicine cabinet and it gives an indication of the quality of the product inside. It has a similarly citrus fragrance to the Snake Serum O2 and despite being a facial oil, much to my surprise (and approval) the oil does not have a greasy feel. It is immediately absorbed into the skin and is a very therapeutic product to apply, almost like giving yourself a facial massage.

I focused the application mostly between my brows as from a young age I have sported rather impressive frown lines (I guess I must get confused a lot) and within a couple of weeks I did feel like I could see a difference in the severity of their appearance. I think this product is a great luxury item for those who have a few extra lines on their face that they feel they could live without, but be warned: the smell is very addictive.

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Snake Chin & Neck Lift Gel £79

When it comes to the fragrance of products, it’s really quite important. You could have the most effective night cream in the world but if it smells like vomit fruit, it might as well not exist. Well, the Snake Chin & Neck Lift Gel £79 certainly is at no risk of offending the nostrils. This is potentially the nicest smelling product I have ever had the pleasure of using and so I feel I must stress at this point (just in case any of you Rodial creatives are listening) someone ought to bottle this in a perfume and slap a patent on it now because my goodness - it smells divine.

Asides from the beautiful fragrance this product also delivers a gorgeous texture and after a week’s use left the skin on my chin and neck feeling gorgeously soft. Now I feel it is vital to be honest when giving reviews and so I cannot comment on the lifting abilities of this product as fortunately I have not yet noticed any sagging skin on my neck or chin that was in need of being lifted, but what I can say (again) is that the whole experience smelt fantastic.

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Snake Neck Mask £56

The next product I took for the spin was the Snake Neck Mask £56 which comes in packs of 8 sealed masks primed and ready for use. I must confess I had never even heard of neck masks before this encounter so was intrigued to see what it delivered. The neck mask uses a combination of Wheat proteins and Syn-ake dipeptide to tighten the skin and reduce signs of aging.

Now I must confess, wearing the neck mask felt a little odd at first and for full enjoyment I recommend you take 20 minutes out of your day to just lay back and relax (how awful, I know) as otherwise the mask can occasionally peel back off. Whilst again I cannot comment on the lifting abilities of this product, it was so incredibly soothing to have a cooling mask on my neck. It is an area of my body that I feel I neglect quite regularly, so it felt good to be giving back to the extension of my body which supports my unusually large head.

All in all I would give the Snake Venom range a 4.5/5, with my favourite products definitely being the Chin & Neck Lift Cream and the Snake Serum O2 due to the benefits they visibly had on my skin and their delicious scents. Next week I’ll be taking the Dragon’s Blood range from Rodial for a spin and finding out where they sourced this bizarre beauty product from in the first place.

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