Tried & Tested: YSL Touche Eclat Colour Correction - Does It Really Work?

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This month we selected Yves Saint Laurent to be our brand of the month as we felt their luxury collection of makeup and skin care provided the perfect tools for recreating your look for Spring. So in the spirit of investigative journalism we decided to put a few of their iconic makeup pieces to the test with the help of some expert makeup application tips.

This week me and my red face were tasked with the challenge of finding out if the Touche Eclat Neutralizer Pen £25.00 in green could really even out my skin tone. As someone who has exceptionally sensitive skin, random outbreaks of red colouration, small blemishes and just about anything that can go wrong with a face are common place for me. Some days I get away with it and other days people repeatedly ask me if I'm feeling alright because "you look ever so red", so you can understand how excited I was at the prospect of a pen that could magic away my redness.

So how does it work? The idea of colour correction is all about using opposite hues to balance out one another. The Touche Eclat range comes in orange, violet and green. Orange balances dark areas such as under eye circles and age spots, whilst violet corrects dull and sallow skin (it can even correct any yellowing fake tan faux pas!). Green is used to correct any red patches which can be the result of burst capillaries, blemishes or just everyday discolouration - which is certainly a symptom of my own condition.

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The pen is sleek, easy to use and one click of the pen usually produces enough green cream to correct half of my face. The texture of this corrector is very lightweight and non-greasy, which is reassuring since I am applying it solely to the problem areas of my face and I really don't want to use anything that might make my blemish situation any worse. Whilst the green-ness of this product did surprise me a little at first, it didn't give my skin the Shrek-like finish I had been anticipating and areas of red really did disappear beneath the tint.

However whilst the pen does reduce the appearance of redness, you have to remember that putting a load of product over broken skin is never a good look so try to only use for blemishes that haven't broken the skin. Also the aim of this pen is to create the perfect base for building you foundation on, not for being a stand alone corrector so don't be surprised if you're still a slightly odd colour after rubbing it in. Once I applied my usual foundation (Bourjois Air Mat £8.99) on top of the corrector my skin was a totally natural colour and the usual areas of redness which plague my cheeks and chin were gone.

Overall I would say the Touche Eclat Neutralizer Pen is the perfect base for women like myself who suffer commonly with red discolouration, as this is one of the few products I have been able to apply to the problem areas of my skin for over a week and seen no negative side effects. Often women who suffer which redness are those who have more sensitive skin, so this is a great product for catering to the needs of us more fragile folk. Whilst the differences may only be subtle, as a red-face sufferer I can appreciate that sometimes small changes can make a big difference to your confidence and this is definitely a product I will keep on me for the days when the red takes over.

If you'd like to discover the perfect foundation for layering over your colour correction, you can shop the professional collection from Yves Saint Laurent here.

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