Two For One: Most Effective Baby Products For Mothers!

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Mother and bebe

It is normal to feel guilty for stealing a mouthful of your baby’s Petits Filous yoghurt as they aren’t looking. However, if there is one thing you can steal from your own child without having a guilty conscience, it is all their sublime (and shockingly understated) body products. Baby care products include wholesome ingredients that are beneficial for both children and adults. If you are a mother who is interested in beauty, but find that your maternal instincts often lead you to buy more Johnson’s baby moisturiser over Laura Mercier Soufflé Body Crèmes, do not worry: we have five baby care products that can double up as multi-purpose products for yourself, and that work just as well as upmarket brands. Stealing from your little one has never been so guiltless, practical and fun!

Simple Baby Moisturising Shampoo

This shampoo is both perfume and colour free, and especially formulated for a baby’s ultra sensitive skin, making it a versatile product.

Beauty Hack: Makeup Remover

We know what you are thinking- nothing about putting shampoo on your face sounds remotely pleasant. Trust us on this, it really does work! The shampoo is gentle and PH balanced, which means its non-drying substance will restore your skin’s PH levels after cleansing. Apply a small amount to a damp towel, and wipe around your face in circular motions.

You’ll forever see baby shampoo in a different light!

Weleda Nursing Oil

Though this product’s main purpose is to sooth breasts before nursing, its blend of organic fennel and marjoram oils mean it is incredibly nourishing.

Beauty Hack: Skin Softener

If you are an avid walker, and suffer from callus as a result, this nursing oil can be used as an ideal remedy in soothing your feet. Before going to sleep, simply massage the oil all over the each foot and then slip on some comfortable socks; come morning, and your feet will feel extra soft. You can also use this oil to prep and nourish your hands and feet before a mani-pedi.

Johnson’s Baby Soap

If you are a thrifty mother, chances are you probably buy your baby soap in bulk. You can now take your thrifting skills up a notch…

Beauty Hack: Shaving Cream

Use excess bar soap as an ingredient for a homemade shaving cream. To make this hydrating concoction, mix hot water and flakes of grated bar soap together. After the flakes have dissolved, add any essential oil of your choice (coconut oil is a great one). Spread this all over the areas you wish to shave, for a smooth finish.

Nivea SunBaby Sun Lotion

The amazing thing about this sun lotion is that it is high in SPF but light and airy in formula. Whilst you slather your little one up before your day out, you can steal a couple of dollops for your own use.

Beauty Hack: BB Cream

Mix some of this lotion with a bronzing gel, to create your very own BB cream. You can control the consistency by adding a higher or lower lotion to bronzing gel ratio, depending on your preference. Your baby is now safe from the sun, whilst you are radiant and glamorous!

Paw Paw Ointment

Made from pure Australian grown papayas, this topical ointment aids skin of anything from insect bites to bruises. Paw Paw ointment is revered by mothers alike for its soothing effect on nappy rashes, but, lo and behold, mothers can also use the ointment for a beauty method that is a little more unconventional.

Beauty Hack: Eye and Cheek Highlighter

Apply the ointment onto your eyelids and cheekbones for a glossy, editorial look. You can also mix a loose powder blush with the salve, to create your own coloured cream blush; apply to the apples of your cheeks for a gorgeous sheen.