Want To Try Boob Gymnastics?!

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Would you invest in a gadget that helps your breasts do gymnastics? Have no idea what I’m talking about? This is just one of the many weird and wonderfully kooky beauty devices that claim to help women worldwide achieve a more beautiful self – and I am fascinated. Strange trends born in countries like Japan and South Korea (the pros when it comes to manufacturing these Willy Wonka style props) spread like wild fire across the Far East. The Bagel Head Implant for example became so popular, hundreds of people shut down websites selling the aftercare beauty gadget (a thing that looks like a dildo if I’m honest) in a matter of seconds. These bonkers beauty buys are so unbelievable I think I have a new obsession to add to my Google favourites page (see this post!).

Here are my top fave wacky beauty gadgets on the market:

The Face Iron

Botox, shmotox – this is the way to get rid of wrinkles once and for all! Simply set the iron to the highest heat it offers (360 degrees?!) and press against your face for 10-20 seconds… Erm, I guess the idea is to burn your face off?

Less scary online beauty buy: Refresh the texture of your skin with a top skin care brand like SkinCeuticals’ Gel Peel Gl Glycolic/Lactic Acid from £134.67.

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The Snaggletooth Maker

Our friends over in Asia are definitely known to be experimental, but THIS. IS. NUTS. A trend that is sweeping the nations is… snaggleteeth! Using a mould tray, Asian women create wonky teeth caps that slip on to create an imperfect smile! So long coloured-braces trend…

Less scary online beauty buy: Apply a blue-toned lipstick like Lipstick Queen’s Velvet Rope from £35.00 to give the appearance of healthier, whiter teeth.

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The Face Fat-Buster

Feeling a bit chubs in the cheeks? Now you can sweat it out and slim down just like you would a muffin top. A trip to the sauna at the gym can help you shed a few pounds, and now a heated, pink (yet scary) mask can be worn while you binge watch Netflix to shrink down your face! Or maybe just stick your head in the oven?

Less scary online beauty buy: Top skin care brand WELEDA’s Pomegranate Firming Night Cream from £23.95 helps fight anti-ageing and keeps skin tight.

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The Nose Straightener

Goodbye professionally-trained human, and hello vibrating nose clasp! Who needs plastic surgery to fix a crooked nose nowadays? When used for at least 20 minutes a day, this weird beauty gadget pinches the outside and pushes up on the inside, supposedly creating a more slender profile – ouch.

Less scary online beauty buy: Contour, people! Highlight the middle of your nose and add bronzer to the bridge with the help of Makeup Revolutions' Ultra Cover And Conceal Palette from £6.00 and No7’s Contour & Highlighter Brush from £14.00.

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