Ways To Style Short Hair And How To Choose The Right Cut

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Every time that 8 to 10 weeks passes, you think, is today the day I go short? Especially with more dry ends appearing in the summer, it is an option many celebs have tried from Charlize Theron to Jennifer Hudson to Jennifer Lawrence. Today we are talking about different ways to style short hair and how to choose the right cut for you. Whether you love women’s short hair styles like the pixie hair cut or the bob, we will also show you which hair styling products for short hair we just love. After you are up to speed, fill in our beauty quiz to discover beauty products to suit you.

Choosing the right cut very much depends on your face shape, so it is best you establish which shape you are first. If you have a square shaped face, a sophisticated A-Line bob will look stunning. This means it is shorter at the back and longer at the front. You can also pull of a pixie hair cut. If you have an oval shaped face, as well as the pixie hair cut which suits so many face shapes, you can also pull off an edgier cut such as one side being shaved.

For round face shapes, try something wavy, textured and intentionally messy instead of anything too straight. You can also try a side swept fringe. The long bob (which sits below the chin) is perfect for heart shaped faces as it draws attention away from the point of the chin.

When it comes to styling women’s short hair styles, you may think there are a limited number of ways to style short hair. However, with the right hair styling products for short hair and the right knowledge, it is not too difficult.

To add volume, like Jennifer Hudson, curl the hair directing it in towards your head. Rub some styling cream in between your hands and apply small amounts at a time, styling the curls in the direction you want them to go. Set in place with the GHD Curl Hold Spray, 1 of the hair styling products for short hair we love, and you are ready.

If, like Charlize Theron, you want a side fringe then first you need to wash your hair and apply a heat protection spray. Blow dry the hair, with the nozzle directing the fringe down across your face and brush with a soft bristle brush once dry. Straighten fringe and smooth a styling cream across the hair. Incorporate both Jennifer and Charlize’s look to get Jennifer Lawrence’s look and those are just some of the ways to style short hair.

A product that stands out for women’s short hair styles is a styling or smoothing cream. Hair styling products for short hair tend to have different functions than those for longer hair, so try the Redken Tousle Whip for gorgeous texture.

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