We Found Out Why LVL Is All Anyone’s Talking About

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With summer just a few short months away, we’ve been looking for ways to get summer ready from head to toe. Having seen LVL appearing all over our timelines, we thought we’d give it a go and find out why LVL is all anyone’s talking about at the moment.

LVL is a lash treatment that stands for Length, Volume, Lift which enhances your natural lashes to give you a false lash effect in just 30-45 minutes.

Blush + Blow is Fulham’s newest blow dry and beauty bar which offers a whole range of summer-ready treatments. Nouveau LVL is a fast, perm-like treatment which curls the lashes upwards from the root to give you longer, thicker lashes. You can even enhance this already lifted look with Bare Minerals Lash Domination Mascara to make your lashes really stand out and this won’t affect the longevity of the treatment, which is around 6-8 weeks.

The outer corners of my upper lashes have always hung low and often intertwine with my lower lashes which, if you get this too, you know how irritating it can be to keep separating them. As a busy entrepreneur, I often don’t have time to apply makeup in the mornings before heading to the office. With already so much to do before leaving the house, finding time to curl my lashes or apply mascara is difficult, and certainly not at the top of my to-do list.

Preparing to go hiking in the Himalayas for a few weeks, I’d been ticking off things from my pre-holiday wish list and wanted a treatment which meant I didn’t have to take makeup with me but still wanted to look nice for when I had rest days exploring towns and cities. I headed to Blush + Blow to try out this low maintenance lash treatment.

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Tucked up amongst the hustle and bustle of New King’s Road in Fulham, Blush + Blow is a beautiful boutique with lovely staff, with an interior that’s incredibly Instagram-worthy. Upon my arrival, I was lead down to the treatment room which had a really cosy and relaxing atmosphere making my first time getting this treatment done very enjoyable. Laying back on the treatment bed, my eye area was cleansed and a protector applied to keep the lower lashes separate.

Applying gel cushions which I can only describe as eyelash casts, they then pasted on a serum from root to tip to perm them and give the ‘lift’ effect within the LVL treatment. These cushions come in 3 different sizes; small, for very curled lashes, medium for a slightly more subtle effect and large for a completely natural, slightly uplifted look. As my lashes are quite long but straight, the therapist recommended I go for the medium sized perm to give a subtle curl to my lashes and make them more lifted and defined.

This serum was allowed to work it’s magic for around 10 minutes, which was a great time to just lay there and relax. As I went in for a patch test 2 days before, I knew that I would not be allergic to the serum or the tint that would be used later on. Once the perm had developed, a silicone base was applied to my upper lashes to make them more voluminous and longer, giving that ‘mascara’ effect.

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Usually, they would then apply the tint and allow to develop, however I have naturally black hair and therefore did not really need a tint. The total treatment was completely pain-free and relaxing. It took 45 minutes and has saved me so much time applying fake lashes or using curlers daily and are much less maintenance than lash extensions. They also last a lot longer and give you the option to wear mascara on top or, if you want a look that will really wow, you can still apply strip lashes, where you risk pulling out your extensions if you go for that option.

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I would definitely recommend this treatment to time-poor women, mothers, working professionals and anyone that wants a low maintenance treatment to lift, volumise and lengthen their lashes. It’s also great as a pre-holiday treatment to go alongside gel nails and a wax.

The Nouveau LVL treatment is widely available across the UK in beauty salons. I got my treatment done at Blush + Blow in Fulham with lash treatment prices starting at £80. You can book your treatment here → BOOK NOW.