We've Found The 6 Best Nude Lipsticks

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We really can't get enough of trying out lipsticks here at My Beauty Matches. So much so, that this is the third in a series of tried and tested posts on the best lipsticks. We've previously found the best pink and red lipsticks and now, to complete the set, we've found the best nude lipsticks.

I personally must have about 80 different nude shades in my huge lipstick collection, from soft matte nudes to glossy patent beiges and browns. Theres a million different shades of nude, just as there are of any other colour, so if like my other half you think you only need one shade of nude, you're so wrong. You need them all.

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The Nudes

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Nude is all the range at the moment with the likes of Kylie Jenner and the Kardashian clan skyrocketing nude lipsticks to the top of everyone’s wish lists. I have a fair few myself and can vouch for their necessity in anyone’s makeup bag. From skin coloured to browns, beiges and taupes, nude can come in a range of shades, my favourite being those with a brown or pink tint which look so lovely and natural against my olive skin tone.

1.Chantecaille Lipstick in Agave

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We've been in love with Chantecaille since trying their foundation so when their red and pink lipstick shades were equally as gorgeous, we naturally had to include their nude shade in this trial. Creamy and thick, you're sure to achieve full coverage in one sweep whilst enriching the lips with a drenching, moisturising formula.

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2.Laura Mercier Velour Lip Colour in Sensual

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This semi - matte velour lip colour has made its way onto this list due to its smooth, rich texture. With a creamy pink - nude shade, it's like my lips, but BETTER! Nourishing the lips with mango butter and jojoba, your lips will truly thank you.

3.Rimmel ‘The Only 1’ Lipstick in 700 Naughty Nude

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Keeping our favourites accessible to everyone, we have included this high street must - have in this gorgeous shade which gives lips the look of intense moisture, despite being quite dry before application. Scented and highly pigmented, you just need to glide it once across each lip to cover them with this thick formula.

4.Zoeva Cosmetics Luxe Matte Lipstick in Omnipresent

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I just love Zoeva, I can't help it! I am slightly obsessed with their highlighter and bronze palettes, so naturally, I just had to get my hands on their lipsticks to try out. Living up to the rest of the Zoeva range, their lipsticks are gloriously smooth in texture and have a square tip to make application unique and simple. One of the longest lasting creme lipsticks I've come across, you just need to get hold of their whole range, I urge you.

5.Too Faced Lipstick in Sugar Daddy

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Another inclusion of this moisture drenching creme lipstick range, it leaves such a glossy, glistening look that you'd think I was wearing a thick and creamy gloss. Reflecting light and dousing lips in white lotus flower extract and plumping, volumising peptides, you will be giving your lips a refreshing lick of opaque, shimmery nude.

6.Gerard Cosmetics Matte Lipstick in 1995

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My absolute favourite shade after testing so many. This gorgeous pinky, rusty nude is perfect for day or night and the surprisingly non - drying matte formula is welcome on my lips anytime. It's buttery, rich and smells nice too, you'd be pleased that you'll see it still in place after a whole day without the colour bleeding or smudging. I have to keep this one!

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Getting to test these lipsticks has been a great exercise for me as a makeup ‘collector’ as well as a woman who wears makeup as I can finally say I know which lipsticks I need to buy.

For help finding the right lipstick for you, if you have dry skin, sensitive skin or ageing skin, take our beauty quiz to be matched with the right lipsticks for you.