We've Found The 7 Best Pink Lipsticks

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Having recently tried and tested the best red lipsticks on the market to find ones that are long-lasting, rich in formula and full of pigment, we thought we'd do the same for the best pink shades that are out there. Scouring our range of brands on My Beauty Matches, and falling in love with their formulas, we selected a few of our favourite brands again to bring you the best Pink lipsticks that you need in your collection.

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As I've admitted before, I am the proud owner of an impressive collection of lipsticks ranging from bright pinks, oranges and reds to more subtle nudes, pastels and the more daring blues, purples and blacks. You'd never know there was more than one shade of each colour, but there really are such subtle differences between 10 different shades of the same bubblegum pink, I just have to have them all, even if I only wear them occasionally.

The Pinks

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Whether you want a pastel, a nude pink or a shocking fuchsia, pink can add either a pop of colour or a subtle tint to your lips. I always keep a pink handy for emergency lipstick situations!, pink can add either a pop of colour or a subtle tint to your lips. I always keep a pink handy for emergency lipstick situations!

1.Benefit Cosmetics They’re Real Double The Lip in Criminally Coral

This delicious marzipan scented lipstick is a 2-in-1 lipstick and lipliner giving you multi-dimensional colour, adding volume and fullness to your lips with simple and easy application. With a teardrop shaped shaft, it easy fits to the contour of your lips and cupid's bow to achieve a perfect distribution of pigmented colour. Lasting up to 8 hours, Benefit have once again produced a must-have beauty product for working women and time-poor women everywhere.

2.Too Faced La Creme Colour Drenched Lipstick in Juicy Melons

Super creamy and easy to glide across the lips, this highly pigmented, glistening lipstick leave a gorgeous wash of colour across the lips, plumping and moisturising the lips with the white lotus flower extract and power peptide ingredients. This posey-pink shade would be a gorgeous addition to a natural makeup look, and the perfect summer wedding lip.

3.Zoeva Cosmetics Luxe Matte Lipstick in Subtlety

An innovative creamy formula and square tip fits perfectly into any cupid's bow, making application smooth and effortless. I feel in love with Zoeva when I swatched their luxe lipsticks for the first time. The matte finish is creamy yet glossy at the same time. Lasting all day, this lipstick is vegan and enriched with vitamin E, meaning your lips will be thoroughly nourished and crack free, perfect for your afternoon meetings.

4.Rimmel ‘The Only 1’ Lipstick in 110 Pink a Punch

The stay-all-day lipstick everyone needs in their makeup bags. Having swatched it on my arm before trying it out on my lips, I can attest to its longevity. It still didn't budge after 3 days having washed and scrubbed countless times - the sign of a good lipstick! With over 20 shades, you'll be spoilt for choice. This candy pink however is just deliciously bright and pigmented. A must have.

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5.Laura Mercier Velour Lip Colour in Infatuation

A new discovery for me, I've previously used the Laura Mercier lip liner and absolutely fell in love, so decided to try out their lipsticks in the hope that they lived up to their lipliner pals. Did they ever! The creamy, delicious texture of velour glides so beautifully leaving a creamy, thick wash of buildable colour, whilst plumping and moisturising lips in the process with its mango butter and jojoba infusion.

6.Gerard Cosmetics Matte Lipstick in Kiss & Tell

A cruelty free lipstick that leaves a thick matte opaque shade of pink everyone needs in their collection. Highly pigmented and buttery, it's a cult favourite!

7.Chantecaille Lipstick in Hollyhock

Having tried their foundations recently, we wondered how well their lipsticks would fair when testing for longevity, as we had high hopes. We were not disappointed. The rich, pigmented colour left a gorgeous rosy pink shade I just fell in love with. If their incredible foundation is anything to go by, these thick and creamy lipsticks are just divine.

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After testing these amazing lipsticks, I can tell you now, my collection is definitely going to grow by 7. For help finding the right lipstick for you, if you have dry skin, sensitive skin or ageing skin, take our beauty quiz to be matched with the right lipsticks for you.