The Anti Ageing Bible For Your 20's, 30's, 40's

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Anti Ageing prevention is quite naturally a cause for concern at any given age, due to our skin producing 1% less collagen from the age of 20 and the elasticity in our skin all being extremely dependent on how well we look after it.

Even throughout my tender teenage years, a fine line which I often refer to as my mascara warrior mark, happily made its way to an inch above my brow line at the age of 15. Whilst it has become less noticeable over the years thanks to my dedication, or shall I say sheer forcefulness to make it less visible. It still to this day hasn't escaped from my forehead and soon became the one beauty lesson, which changed the way I applied my mascara and unwillingly expressed my forehead region for good.

Growing up and watching my Mother surround herself with Olay for just about as long as I can remember, has also heavily influenced me into kick - starting my anti ageing routine from an earlier age than most. My Mother is 53 yet easily passes for 40 and has always put her youthful looks down to religiously devoting 30 minutes each evening to nurturing her skin with the products she swears by.

With pressing pause on the anti ageing clock fast becoming one of my top skin care wishes, I have put together the step by step guide to strengthening your skins anti ageing barrier throughout your 20's, 30's and 40's.

In your 20's

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As I am soon to be approaching my late 20’s I often find myself paying particular attention to my eyes when undertaking my beauty regime at night. Although the eyes are one of the key places to start from an anti ageing perspective, my top tip would be to take extra care when applying an eye cream due to the skin around the eye area being extremely delicate. I’m currently using Olay’s Ultimate Eye Cream, £25 which I dab on very gently my index finger, a good 3 centimeters down from my directly underneath my eye, to allow the natural benefits of this product to set in on their own. I've found this particular eye cream has really helped to brighten and improve the appearance of my under eye area, whilst improving my dark circles, restoring hydration and preventing my fine lines from setting in further.

In your 30's

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Just like my Mother I refuse to take any chances when it comes to my skin and therefore am always on the lookout for new products, which can help to support my skins next step in the anti ageing process. At the moment I am trialling Estée Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair Synchronised Recovery Complex II, £72 three times a week under my night cream, which I have found is brilliant for improving the texture of my skin and enhancing a natural radiant glow for the morning.

In your 40’s

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When the time comes to approaching my mid to late 40’s, I have already decided dermatology based skin care is the avenue I will take. After researching a lot of Dr. Wu’s skin care products I have a slight confession to make, and with no surprise it is that I have already tried this Extreme Micro-lifting Cream With Ageversal, £70. from Dr. Wu even though it is not specifically targeted to my age demographic. Formulated with plant extracts and multi-peptides, I generally a light amount of this rich textured night cream once a week to provide my skin with an extra comforting boost when it needs it the most. Designed for a more mature skin type, this cream also works to combat the toughest skins of ageing for a smoother and more refined texture all over.