We've Tried And Tested The Purifying Pink Clay Mask That's Going Viral Across Social Media

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By now you will have probably all seen the Purifying Pink Clay Face Mask by Australian brand Sand & Sky, £39.50 that’s gone viral on Instagram, and if you haven't, may I advise you to climb out from under your rock?

I’m not usually one to trust these kind of products which end up becoming the next best thing overnight, especially when the models promoting it all look naturally fabulous before they even apply the product, (come on ladies, nobody wears face masks with a full set of lashes and eyeliner on!)

Therefore, I’ve set myself the challenge to put the Purifying Pink Clay Face Mask to the test. The 4 - in - 1 mask treatment is said to detoxify + Brighten skin, tighten pores and boost radiance and protect against damage caused by pollution.

Firstly, the packaging is very good quality and the brush that comes with it is SUPER soft and Insta - worthy in itself. No wonder it is plastered all over my social media! The mask is a gorgeous pink colour and you can just tell it is good quality, it's not like those cheap 99p face masks, which encourage you to gamble on whether your skin will become instantly problematic or not straight afterwards.

The scent is very floral and quite reminiscent of the Australian Mimosa flower, which I guess this reinforces their ‘Australian Clay’ label. Either way I was very impressed with how easily the face mask application was, it glided on so smoothly!

After waiting 10 minutes and looking like a mix of ‘The Phantom Of The Opera’ and ‘The Mummy’ I decided it was time to wash it off! And as much as I HATE viral products due to the amount of times I have been fooled by clever marketing and a beautiful influencer, I cannot find a single fault in this product.

Lately with the change of seasons and the weird apocalypse - type sky that has hit the UK, my skin has become as confused as the ‘Golden Chocolate Creme Oreo’ - come on America, why ruin a classic?!

The moment after I removed this, my skin was honestly glowing, and any signs of potential blemishes had completely vanished. My pores are so much smaller, my nose is smoother, and who doesn’t love a smooth nose? I basically feel like the new Angelina Jolie - that’s a win in my eyes!

If you're still not convinced, then I guess you will honestly have to try for yourself, but I warn you once you see how great your skin becomes, you will be constantly repurchasing this product.

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