We’ve Found The Anti Cellulite Treatment That Actually WORKS!

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The sun has finally hit UK and it’s safe to say Spring is here to stay, and whilst the warmer weather can uplift our mood in more ways than one, if there’s one thing I detest about the sunshine it’s having to expose my cellulite.

I’ve suffered from cellulite across my thighs for the last 15 years and although I’ve found some great cellulite fixes from taking the My Beauty Matches quiz, I’m not the most disciplined person, and often find the novelty of massaging a cellulite cream into my thighs soon wears off before I’ve even hit the 6 week mark.

With this in mind I decided to enlist on finding a cellulite treatment that would help me on my mission to a pain free quick fix, without the hefty price tag. I wanted something that would give me great results after just 6 - 8 sessions and I can honestly say that Seduire London's CACI ECM Bum Lift has delivered this.

Although this treatment is very much focused on contouring the legs and buttocks, the ECM title in the name actually stands for electro cellulite massager and best of all it focuses on the thighs and waves goodbye to cellulite in no time.

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The CACI ECM Bum Lift is a pain free 30 minute treatment which helps to banish dimples, fatty deposits and toxins to give the illusion of a more toned, tighter derriere and overall a cellulite free appearance. The procedure is carried out by applying a non sticky gel and then using a machine with rolling heads to stimulate circulation and lymphatic drainage.

After just 6 sessions I have to say I was completely blown away by the results, my skin was dimple free and I finally felt as though I had some of my body confidence back, so much so that I actually thought I was imagining it. I squeezed my thighs between my hands countless times to double check and I can assure you my once wobbly thighs were non existent.

I would highly recommend the CACI ECM Bum Lift to anyone who has been struggling with the insecurities of cellulite, as this treatment really gets to work on eliminating problem areas and boost body confidence levels.

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Minus the incredible effects to the CACI ECM Bum Lift, the second best thing of all to this treatment is that there aren’t any after effects. The only thing I was asked to do was increase my water intake on the day of my treatment and after each session to help with flushing out my toxins.

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Number of sessions recommended:

Depending on the type of cellulite treatment sessions may range from 6 - 10 sessions or more. To see the best results it is recommended to have at least 2 treatments a week along with a course of good diet and exercise.

The CACI ECM Bum Lift is priced at £50 per treatment, head to CACI International to find your nearest salon.