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You know sometimes there are places you walk by often and tell yourself ‘I should go in there and check it out’ and then months pass and you still haven’t been. And when you do eventually check it out, you’re like ‘why did I not come in here sooner?!’ Well that is what happened to me with STIL Salon.

I live in Notting Hill and love all the boutique places it offers, from food to workouts, to hair salons. My hair was pretty damaged from too much heat styling and colouring and I really wanted to get it fixed ASAP.

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I was really happy to discover STIL Salon just around the corner from both my office and my home. Once I found out it was founded by the Global Creative Director of TIGI, Christel Lundqvist, I really had to visit. Starting out from an early age in Sweden, she has “always loved hair, even from a very early age, [she] wanted to become a hairdresser.” Since arriving in the UK in 1999, she became increasingly involved in education and training and helps TIGI develop new colours, trends and development of colourist education. For those hoping to get into the industry, she gives this advice - “Work hard and dedication is everything as if you want to become the best, you need to put the hours in. Hairdressing is more a lifestyle and not just a job – if you want to reach the top.”

When I walked in the door, I was greeted by her friendly face and we dove straight into my pre-colour consultation where she asked about my colour preferences, lifestyle, and learnt that I too work in Beauty, am a woman always on the go and need to always look my best.

Being a specialist with 18 years experience, Christel was quick to point out that my ends had been stripped too much and were a little too blonde. Making the experience personalised and unique, she helped find me the colour that would best suit my skin tone and eye colour. With my olive skin and gold tone, she recommended a golden tone to match, as well as go warmer with deep browns running through. She also wanted to pick a shade that would frame my face better and make my eye colour pop. Knowing I needed an effective, fast hair treatment to add gloss back to my hair, it was decided I should get the Pure Gloss treatment which has coconut oil and keratin to help nourish my hair and bring life back to it.

Being in Notting Hill I am so used to cramped spaces, but STIL Salon was a breath of fresh air. What I loved was the VIP service - they brought me a bag protector to put my own bag in (a super handy Longchamp bag of course), so that it didn’t touch the floor or get hair dye or clippings on. Christel’s favourite thing about her job is “the fact that every day is different and never the same. It’s very special to know you can really make someone’s day by simply changing their hair colour."

Once my shades were selected, Christel introduced me to the very charming Alex Jottini who would help style and cut my hair. Alex is another hair stylist renowned for his work on London Fashion Week shows such as Dolce & Gabbana, Cavalli, Missoni and more. Washing my hair with a pre-treatment TIGI Pro Reconstructing Shampoo and gave me an incredible head massage using aromatherapy oils - I almost fell asleep!

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Continuing with the VIP treatment, I was treated to a cuppa, pistachios and began my 2 step treatment which was applied with a brush and left to develop for 20 minutes. Depending on the condition of your hair, this can even be left on for a mere 5 minutes for a quick refresh.

Fascinated with her work, I had to find out how she comes up with new colours - “We work with some amazing influencers and trend agencies to set trends but we also have a great connection to fashion. Working with designers for fashion is great for inspiration as well and helps us set trends for the coming months ahead. We generally work 1 year in advance however the trend agencies usually give us an insight to trends 5 years in advance, so I would decide on colours according to the general vibe of a shoot or story. It’s never guess work - there are many factors that contribute to a chosen shade or technique!”

The second stage of the treatment, I was give the option of either a moisture boost or a keratin boost which can be combined with over 60 different hair colours, which I opted for, of course. This left my hair nourished and shiny with beautiful rich tones of brown and gold running through.

Alex ran some TIGI Bed Head After Party Smoothing Cream through my hair and trimmed the ends to keep it healthy and smooth before styling it into loose curls and spraying with TIGI Bed Head Superstar Thickening Spray and even though my hair was clean and dried, he added Bed Head Oh Bee Hive Matte Dry Shampoo to my roots to keep my hair in place and add volume, which is a great trick I’m definitely going to steal.

I absolutely loved the personal touch and VIP service I was given at STIL. There’s such great chemistry between the staff and the customers, I will definitely be going back, not just because it’s just around the corner! Perhaps I’ll go for a more daring treatment next time or attempt one of this year’s colour trends like the “timeless anti-trends - Scandi blonde or undone texture.” Okay perhaps not as daring as going blonde, but undone texture - I can do.


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For your own VIP treatment, visit STIL’s website for more details on the services they offer as well as prices, I can’t wait to go back.