We’ve Found The 6 Best Red Lipsticks

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As the proud owner of over 150 lipsticks, lip glosses, lip tints and lip liners, I think I can say I know my lipsticks pretty well. What textures I like, what brands work for me and which ones last the longest. But for those who are just starting their lipstick collections, or those who just buy the occasional one, it’s so hard to tell which lipsticks will actually last the whole day, which ones have a drying formula or what they actually look like on the lips.

We LOVE testing things at My Beauty Matches, not only as it means we get to wear pretty lipsticks as part of our jobs, but also because it helps achieve our mission to help women find the right products for them.

As lips go, I would think mine are quite dry, so I have to keep them hydrated and moisturised with my all-time favourite lip balm by Dr. Paw Paw. If I am worried about the longevity of a lipstick, I always have my Lipcote Lipstick Sealer to hand to act as a barrier to stop it smudging or transferring throughout the day. I recommend this for anyone looking for lipsticks for your big day. But make sure you choose the right one for your skintone!

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We’ve been testing lipsticks from a handful of our best-selling brands to help you find lipsticks that will actually last all day and try and help narrow down your search for the right lipstick for you. We’ve split this into 3 colour groups - reds, pinks and nudes. For this instalment, you'll find our favourite red lipsticks.

The Reds

Always my go-to colour of choice - as the saying goes, ‘if in doubt, wear red’. Wearing red could complete a makeup look, create a contrasting boldness, make a statement or coordinate with an outfit. The versatility of red is endless, especially as you can get all sorts of types of red - vermilion, blood red, pinky red, browny red, blue toned red and purple red. With so many variants, it hard not to have one in every shade possible - trust me, I’m trying.

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1.Rimmel ‘The Only 1’ Lipstick in 510 Best of the Best

Application of this lipstick gives you a solid flow of opacity meaning you only need to apply a thin veil to achieve a striking colour. Packed full of moisture, this lipstick enriches the lips to prevent chapping. The solid colour stays put all day and applies easily with the slanted round bullet shape. With over 20 shades available, this red is certainly our favourite.

2.Zoeva Cosmetics Luxe Matte Lipstick in Futuro Red

The highly pigmented, silky smooth lipstick that is this Luxe Matte Futuro Red shade is fast becoming my favourite. Applying like a soft creme, this lipstick leaves a velvety matte finish that looks and feels nourishing and full of moisture, despite the matte finish. Completely vegan and enriched with vitamin E, this lipstick is also 100% paraben free. Lasting around 5 hours, we’ve given it a thumbs up.

3.Too Faced La Creme Colour Drenched Lipstick in 90210hhh

A much creamier texture than the other lipsticks, this lipstick coated the lips with effortless ease leaving behind a highly pigmented glossy, creamy finish. With 10 sumptuous shades to choose from, this candy apple red shade is the glossiest lipstick I’ve come across that lasts as long as non-glossy lipsticks. With white lotus flower extract, this lipstick is hydrating, soothing and conditioning and also contains power peptides that stimulate collagen to plump and smooth the lips - what more could you want from a lipstick.

4.Chantecaille Lipstick in Cerise

Another incredibly creamy thick texture that seems to glide on a highly pigmented layer of colour requiring only the smallest amount to cover the lips. This cherry red is as beautiful as it is striking and takes a lot to make it budge. Certainly a winner in my eyes.

5.Gerard Cosmetics Matte Lipstick in Fire Engine

An inexpensive solution to all your lipstick dreams, Gerard Cosmetics have created this matte finish luscious red that’s thick, non-drying, buttery and long-lasting. Not only that, but it’s also cruelty free and is a highly coveted lipstick by beauty bloggers and makeup pros alike. This red is striking, bold and sure to turn heads.

6.Benefit Cosmetics They’re Real Double The Lip in Revved-up Red

With a strong scent of delicious almond, the two-in-one lipstick and lip liner is irresistibly smooth and almost edible as it reminds me so much of marzipan - delicious! Applying effortlessly across the lips, the dual shade lipstick plumps, lines and fills the lips to make them appear fuller and more luscious. This red shade includes a slightly darker liner shade bringing depth to the lip. The tip is teardrop shaped for precision application. As for staying power, this lipstick promises 8 hours of undisturbed wear.

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Getting to test these lipsticks has been a great exercise for me as a makeup ‘collector’ as well as a woman who wears makeup as I can finally say I know which lipsticks will last the day and which one’s I’ll need to keep topping up. That being said, I’ll probably always still carry around Lipcote with me, just in case.

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For help finding the right lipstick for you, if you have dry skin, sensitive skin or ageing skin, take our beauty quiz to be matched with the right lipsticks for you.