What Allen Carr's Seminar Taught Me About Healthy Eating

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Like many of us, I have started becoming more conscious about the food I put in my body. About 4 years ago I quit alcohol and although I have always considered myself to be someone who eats quite healthy, I soon realised I was addicted to sugar (thank you Netflix for making me realise that - they have great food documentaries).

So I decided to take the plunge and go to a healthy food eating seminar by Allen Carr because I really wanted to stop being addicted to sugar, especially before the Summertime so my skin can glow. Despite being called a ‘weight loss programme’ on their website, it is not really about weight loss as even during their seminars they encouraged us to avoid weighing ourselves.

Whilst not being a weight-loss seminar, they had a very strong emphasis on eating raw, REAL food. The course was highly educational, touching on primary, secondary and tertiary foods, as well as processed and takeaway foods; highlighting that more vegetables, even nuts, is sometimes better in excess than a serving portion of processed foods.

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With this said, their concept is still quite different. Instead of explaining why these foods are bad for us they went around the room (around 10-20 people per session) and asking everyone why they ate certain types of food. Around the room, reasons for eating these foods ranged from boredom to stress to taste (like myself). However, as each person opened up about their reasons for food habits, the bigger question arose: are these our real reasons or mental conditioning we have come to accept, (meaning a long-term habit developed earlier one that could be dropped in 21 days).

Whether a habit or not, these days it is deemed trendy mask our 24-hour consumption of processed with supplements and more chemicals to make up for the lack of vitamins and minerals in our daily lives and Allen Carr's seminar really highlighted this as a modern problem. Since eating your daily calorie intake will still leave you hungry if you are not receiving these essential nutrients.

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They also taught us about good and bad sugars in processed foods. To my surprise a lot of carbs were included in the bad sugar categories, fortunately, they also provided us with low carb alternatives to a lot of foods we eat every day.

The Allen Carr Way mostly taught me that staying on a healthy diet, eating chia seeds and pumpkin seeds as well as others, vegetables, fruits, meat and dairy products, to stay super full is so important! Moreover, it taught me that staying on a healthy diet, is about healthy and conscious decisions, not restrictions. Meaning that if you’re craving chocolate, you should have some, but maybe go for the healthier version and get a 90% dark chocolate instead of the usual milk chocolate.

This solution is not a one off solution but a solution for life to stay healthy. Unlike other diets that are obviously not sustainable, this offers a sustainable way to feel and eat healthy.

My verdict: I find it hard to stick to only 'home-cooked' meals as I have a fast lifestyle however it has made me feel quite "disgusted” and look at various types of food differently which has resulted in me eating healthier i.e. raw vegetables sometimes for lunch, no more processed veggie burgers and fewer croissants for breakfast replacing them with porridge. I can definitely say that I'm feeling like I have more energy.

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