What Are Russian Lashes And Are They Worth It?

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If you've been following me on my journey to lash and brow domination you may have recently read my review on: What Is Microblading And Is It Worth It?

Along with being a pro at microblading Daxita Vaghela who carried out my treatment is also renowned as London's leading Lash Queen. Why? Because she has applied lashes for so many celebrities but also because she is the fastest lash technician in the country.

As someone who runs a business I am always so short of time when it comes to my makeup routine and so when I heard about the benefits to Russian Lashes I jumped at the chance to try them.

What Are Russian Lashes?

There are lots options available when it come to false lashes, one of my favourite brands at the moment are Nouveau Lashes but if you are looking for something less fiddly and with a bit more longevity, semi permanent lashes are a great way to go.

How are Russian Lashes Applied?

Designed to last between 6 to 8 weeks semi permanent lashes help to cut your getting ready time in half, I opted for Russian Lashes over Classic Lashes due to the fuller effect with them which is created with a layering technique, this is achieved by applying up to 6 lightweight lashes to each individual lash which equates to 350 lashes approximately per eye! Sounds a little crazy right? Don't worry it's not due to the fineness of the lashes and the application method, your lids will feel lightweight and your own lashes will go unharmed.

There are 4 different sizes for the Russian Lashes with number 1 being the shortest and most natural looking and type 4 being the longest. I went for type 3 and fell in love with them, Daxita advises you on what you can pull off or not based on the size of your eyelid and the space between your brows and eyelid.


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Before my lash extensions were applied Daxita placed two under eye pads on to protect my lower lashes whilst the treatment was in process.


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I was so thrilled with the Russian Lashes afterwards which created a full on glamour effect in such a short space of time! Easy to maintain my lashes looked great accompanied with a slick of red lipstick for both daytime to evening looks.

After Care:

Daxita provided me with a special eyelash shampoo to wash my eyes and advised against using soap around my eyes or makeup remover which contains oil as this can dissolve the eyelash glue. I'm a huge fan of the brand Simple and mainly used their Water Boost Micellar, £4.99 Water when removing my makeup as it is so gentle around the skin and eyes.

My top tip for keeping Russian Lashes in great condition is to comb your lashes up and down after washing your face to keep them separated. Lash infills can also be booked 3 - 4 weeks after the initial treatment to keep your Russian Lashes looking fabulous.

How Do I Book?

If you are interested in microblading I would suggest getting in touch with Daxita directly and booking 2 weeks ahead for when you want your treatment. A full set of Russian Lashes with Daxita costs £325 with a lash infill maintenance treatment priced at £130 this can be booked either at AthertonCox or The Beauty Lounge at Harvey Nichols.