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Cadogan Clinic in Sloane Square, like its name suggests, is actually a clinic and not just a spa or treatment place. They have dermatologists and do treatments from tummy tucks to breast implants. Their treatment rooms might not play soothing music or have candles but the facial is as thorough as it can possibly be. Also, it is nice for a change to have a more "medical" facial where everything is catered for and explained.

Cadogan Clinic

Cadogan Clinic in Sloane Square

When I arrived I was initially given a medical questionnaire to fill out and the therapist asked me what I want to focus on. I told her I want to get rid of my milia (it is like a small spot under the eye but impossible to remove without a needle and avoid scarring) and improve my complexion, hydration and ageing concerns.

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Picture of Milia

My therapist’s name was Safae and she gave me a lot of advice as we went on. First she started by analysing my skin and unlike most facialists who do microdermabrasion all over my face, Safae realised the skin around my cheeks is quite thin and therefore suggested it is best to avoid that area. After cleansing my face Safae applied the Skin Ceuticals Micropolish Face Scrub (£181.50) to exfoliate my face. 

Safae then proceeded with removing the milia under my eye. I only had 1. It took 3 goes but was not at all painful. I could see Safae was using a special small needle which was kept disinfected at all times. After 4 months, it was finally out.

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Skin Ceuticals Micropolish Scrub

Safae then continued with the usual extraction process during a facial and as it is a bespoke facial she created a bespoke face mask for me using Skin Ceuticals products (which I love). This included Skin Ceutical's B5 to hydrate and plump my skin, C E Ferulic Acid which is a derivative from apples which captures vitamin C to improve skin tone and Phyto Corrective to calm the skin. The mask definitely had a tingly effect, probably because of the acid but it wasn't painful at all. 

Amy facial was completed by using H. A. Intensifier drops to trigger ones own production of hyaluronic acid for hydration and a layer of lip balm.

I felt my skin was finally clean and I really enjoyed how bespoke Cadogan Clinic's facial was.

To book yours go to Cadogan Clinic.