What Happens When You Get A Facial With An Industry Expert?

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If you have been following my product and treatment reviews you will know that I am a big fan of the CACI facial. Generally as a beauty director, facials are a really important part of my skin care routine. This time I booked an appointment with Lisa Franklin, who is a top facialist and known for her non surgical facials in Knightsbridge.

Lisa Franklin owns her own skin care clinic in a hidden and private location and what I loved about the place was that I instantly felt very comfortable. Before my facial Lisa went through a skin care consultation with me to really understand what my concerns were and what my skin actually needed, it mainly focused on a lot of hydration after travelling to New York for my Brother’s wedding recently.

For Lisa her treatments are all about bespoke facials and the earning trust of her customers, whilst we were chatting away she explained to that we all have 25 layers of skin (I did not know that before, did you?) and that we need to learn to re - educate our skin for healthier turnover. During my consultation Lisa also picked up on the fact that I don’t drink enough water and that I shouldn’t be neglecting my neck (all noted).

Lisa explained to me she uses cosmeceutical products that combine the best of plants as well as science so the products she used on me were a mix of Yon-ka Paris, Argentum and her own brand, Lisa Franklin. I then entered into my treatment bed (which can be heated but as it was a warm day we didn’t need it) and then Lisa started with her bespoke Signature Facial.

Lisa cleaned my skin through cleansing and exfoliation and suggested I use an enzymatic peel for exfoliation to really clear out my skin. She also kindly warned me that us beauty directors can often have the worst skin from testing too many products and I should be strict with my skin care routine (that is so true!) Before the extraction process started, to really clear out my skin she applied one of my favourite products, the Yon-ka Gommage Exfoliator this is a great product for my skin can be very sensitive, I like this product because it is non abrasive.

Then to reduce some, ahem, fine lines she applied the Yon-Ka Optimizer and mask. We then followed with my favourite part, using CACI probes on my face that passes microcurrents (not painful at all) which helps penetrate the products applied to the initial 25 layers of skin Lisa told me about. This CACI machine helps once again re - educate the skin for good skin turnover.

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The facial finished off with Lisa massaging in her own Lisa Franklin Pro-effect Luminescent Base, £70 product which really sunk in and helped to infuse my skin with oxygen. Normally I don’t expect results with just one facial, but Lisa Franklin definitely added some glow to my skin in just one treatment.

Lisa Franklin Clinic is based at 186 Sloane Street, Knightsbridge, SW1X 9QR, London and you can find out more about CACI here.

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