What Is A Chemical Peel And Is It Safe For My Skin?

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Chemical peels have earned themselves a name in the beauty industry over the last few years. Renowned for their anti ageing and exfoliation benefits, chemical peels have come a long way since their heyday with Sex And The City’s Samantha Jones catastrophic peel in the 90’s and paved the way for superior skin.

Although chemical peels have been given the green light by many skincare professionals, there's still an element of stigma attached to the name chemical peel mainly for it’s abrasive terminology which can understandably be an off putting term. Along with this there’s still a big question mark over what exactly a chemical peel involves and which ingredients are used in the process. I visited the newly opened EF Medispa in Richmond to experience their Pumpkin Peel and find out everything a chemical peel has to offer, whilst also delving into the answer of whether pumpkin can really benefit our skin.

Upon entering EF Medispa which could quite easily be hailed as Richmond’s most chicest aesthetic clinic, I was handed a some more information on the Pumpkin Peel and a consultation form to list my skin’s behavioural antics, the nitty gritty areas that I want to improve and last but not least the what I hoped to achieve from the treatment.

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After filling out my consultation form I was then invited to sit down with the lovely Marinda to take a closer look at my skin and discuss exactly what the Pumpkin Peel would involved. Marinda advised me that chemical peel’s can have a tendency to leave skin slightly red, tight or flaky afterwards depending on each client's skin due to the process involving the removal of the epidermis skin layer. I was slightly concerned about the possible after effects due to my skin being super sensitive sometimes, but Marinda reassured me that the Pumpkin Peel would most likely be fine for my skin as it is of more of an introductory level.

The treatment began with a Vitamin C cleanse to prep the skin, followed by an quick eye remover solution to delicately cleanse my eyes and remove any traces of make up. Following on from this Marinda gave my skin the most magical face and neck massage, which I have to say was just out of this world. Facial massages can sometimes be awkward and uncomfortable towards the back of the neck but Marinda is such a pro and makes the who process feel so effortless, she honestly has the touch of a goddess.

Afterwards a neutralising solution was applied to sterilise the skin and take off any excess oil and remaining moisture from the previous product steps, the neutralising solution scent was a little strong but nothing to make a cause for concern. Marinda then administered the all important Pumpkin Peel to my skin which contained latic acid and had a slight warming and tingly feeling. Marinda advised me that I would feel a slight tightness while the peel was on due to it working its way through the skin, to counteract this Marinda fanned my skin while the peel was left on and asked me regularly how my skin was feeling on a scale of 1-10. Considering my skin can occasionally lash out at new ingredients, it didn't feel irritated in the slightest and my score never went over a 4. The Pumpkin Peel was left on for a total of 5 minutes and then removed with a warm cloth.

After removing the peel Marinda applied a few products by DermaQuest which included their Essential B5 Hydrating Serum with 40% Hyaluronic Acid, followed by the Essential Rebuilding Stem Cell Complex, Essential Moisturiser and SPF30 Sheer Zinc. After the finishing product touches were applied to my skin I was taken aback by the fact I was still awake, following on from the most soothing chemical peel experience but what surprised me even more after this was the instant effects the pumpkin peel had provided, my skin looked noticeably brighter and exceptionally clearer as if every imperfection had been removed. Marinda explained that following on from the peel I would need to wear at least an SPF 30 everyday for two weeks and stay clear of hot baths or showers for the rest of the day.

Over the next few days my skin remained in tip top condition, there wasn’t an ounce of redness, flakiness or emergency oil production in sight. It’s safe to say this was one chemical peel experience that’s put an end to my search for Autumnal revived skin and made me unquestionably favor Pumpkin Peels over Pumpkin Lattes any day of the week.

To find out more about EF Medispa and find your nearest clinic visit their website. The Pumpkin Peel is priced at £206 and lasts for 1.5 hours in total with a skin consultation.