What Is Flotation Therapy?

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So anyone who personally knows me knows I am addicted to meditation. I started meditating about 3.5 years ago and have since begun a routine of meditating for an hour every morning. Since practicing Shivyog meditation I have also started paying more attention to what I put in my body, I even quit alcohol believe it or not and also my thoughts.

It is crazy how fast the wellness trend is growing and I believe it is because the internet has now opened us to receive so much more information on everything, compared to any other time in history and because of that we demand so much more from ourselves.

We are constantly being "hit" by different distractions which is one of the reasons we are constantly tired. I for one, just sometimes want everything around me to be silent and I mean EVERYTHING, so I can be left alone to think and hear my thoughts and inner voice, especially as I have learned in meditation and yoga that all answers are within us.

I've tried unplugging from my phone, computer, TV and anything else I can think of at home, but the truth is I always get distracted and find something else to do. Then one of my friends suggested I try floatation therapy and who doesn't love to float? I just had to try it out!

What is Floatation therapy?

It is a 1 hour session where you lie down in a blue lit capsule which is half full of water and mixed with epsom salt which is what makes you float. The idea behind it is to be left alone with your thoughts so you can finally listen to your inner voice, intuition and slow down your mind (which we all need given the digital world we live in).

When I arrived at FloatworksI was taken to my locker to drop off my stuff and given a big fat fluffy white towel (bring your own slippers though). Then I was taken in my own private room where there was a shower to have a quick rinse, some silicone ear plugs which mould into your ear shape and the capsule.

The room was lit with this gorgeous blue light and I was taken through how the flotation experience works, there is a button in the capsule to switch off the light as well as a buzzer for any emergencies. Once I went in, I closed the capsule behind me, switched off the light, started floating immediately in pitch dark and for the first 10 minutes they played me relaxing music.

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At this point there were no distractions and I finally got to be alone with my thoughts. I was surprised how much I can think for an hour, get solutions to my 1st world dilemmas and really relax while floating.

For the last 5 minutes the relaxing music started again to let me know I can now gently get out of my zone and then have a quick shower with all the amenities I require.

I truly felt rejuvenated, relaxed and at peace and the best part was that then they had a quiet relaxation room with plenty of different teas each related to different chakras as well as books and magazines. I of course decided to meditate.

I personally loved this experience so much that I booked 3 more sessions straight away with a friend. 1 session is priced at £50pp, if 2 people book together the intro offer is £89pp.

I experienced this treatment at Floatworks in Vauxhall, they are located about 30 seconds away from the tube station but are available in other locations too.