What Is Microblading And Is It Worth It?

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While there are so many beauty treatments around some are just a must have when it comes to the factor of saving time. Nowdays everyone wants the "brows on fleek" look but lets be honest, the whole process can sometimes be a little time consuming and if you have naturally thin brows then it can become really annoying having to do them daily.

This is where microblading comes in handy.

So What Is Microblading?

Microblading is a form of semi permanent makeup which is designed to create the illusion of fuller, defined brows, it is carried out manually with a pen that contains tiny needles and it lasts 12-18 months.

I visited Daxita Vaghela who is renowned for microblading in London. At first I was a little skeptical to have my brows done by Daxita, as one little mistake can instantly change your whole look and as she is a celebrity for brows and eyelashes I thought she might be arrogant and not very attentive. But to my lovely surprise Daxita is one of the loveliest women I have ever met and after speaking with her (she has the softest and sweetest voice ever) I felt a lot more comfortable with her touching up my brows with this semi permanent treatment.

I asked Daxita a lot of questions and quickly learnt that she has had a passion for brows since her early years when she took up an interest in threading as a teenager. She moved to UK from Shinyanga, Tanzania when she was only 17 and couldn't speak English back then, but still joined a beauty college and learned English on the side as she was always passionate and still is about beauty. Daxita then started working part time initially and then set up her own business later on which has been running for 15 years!


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To start off Daxita first measured my brows and eyes and then gently drew an eyebrow shape which she thought would suit me best and checked if I was happy with it. This shape depends on the shape of your forehead and eyelids, I then had to pick what colour I wanted for my brows, Daxita is great at giving advice and making sure the eyebrows look natural.

Daxita then microbladed (similar to a tattoo drawing movement but done in gentle strokes to draw shapes of eyebrow hairs) to the outer line of my brows. Microblading only goes into the first and second layer of your skin as opposed to tattooing which also goes in the third layer. This was slightly prickly for 30 seconds on each brow but not too painful.

The next step followed up with Daxita applying a numbing cream on my brows. The whole treatment took about an hour and once Daxita had finished she advised me that my brows would appear darker at first because the colour still needed to set, but after the first initial 5 days they would gradually become lighter. Daxita also gave me an aftercare kit with instructions on what to do for the first week after the treatment.


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I was so impressed with the results to my microblading treatment and felt not only did they look amazing because they were microbladed but also because they were done by one of the top women in the industry. Daxita is the type of person who I would 100% recommend to anyone for microblading due to her experience and passion, and with that it is no surprise that Daxita has a long list of celebrity clients.


My aftercare procedure consisted of using an oil free soap and eyebrow cleanse to wash the face twice a day, along with applying healing creaming on the brows 4 times the first day and then every morning and night thereafter for a week. It is also important to wash your hands before touching your brows in the first week to keep that area clean.

What Happened Next?

Following on from my first microblading treatment I was required to come back for a top up treatment after 4 - 12 weeks where Daxita asked me if I was happy with the colour and shape and if I needed any adjustments.

Is Microblading Worth It?

Yes! This has been such a time saving treatment as I now don't have to spend a single moment touching up my brows anymore.

How Do I Book?

If you are interested in microblading I would suggest getting in touch with Daxita directly and booking 2 weeks ahead for when you want your treatment as you will be required to have a patch test before your first treatment.

This treatment with Daxita costs £490 (includes two microblading treatments) and can be booked either at AthertonCox or The Beauty Lounge at Harvey Nichols.